Worst finale?

  1. The main reason I hate it is that it's a same series fight with nearly identical characters from a series that's been used twice this season already and had two finales and saiyans are overused and it's the season of new series and I just don't care about dragonball man.

  2. But I want to add I prefer that episode for the fact that there weren't any finales to be hyped for. There wasn't really any finales to expect since that was just a usual season. But we were all expecting a legacy matchup for this season,and to see this instead of one of those is just worse than Dp vs Pp.

  3. I'll give it a chance and think it can be a fun episode to watch,but it just doesn't feel like a finale. It feels like a random fight in the first half that's kinda just thrown in

  4. No I agree it's not a particularly great matchup I'm not going to call it the worst finale cuz we can't judge a book by its cover. Machamp versus goro and the connection of they have two extra appendages of the armed variety and that episode slapped hard so I'm not going to judge it just yet.

  5. I get that the matchup isn’t what everyone wanted, but because of the quality of Season 9 as a whole (and how boring matchups became fantastic episodes), I’m hype for this.

  6. The episode is still gonna be great imo just look at how great the dragon ball episodes have been and they would definitely go as hard as they did with popeye vs saitama

  7. Like, I would have liked it as a finale for, say, a different season, preferably one that didn't use any dragon ball characters. Then I'd take the hype train. But in a season that's prided itself on doing a metaphorical shit ton of new franchises and already had not one but two Dragon Ball characters, one who is from Heroes just like this Gogeta and Vegito? That hype train ain't even coming to the station bro.

  8. This isn't the worst finale by a longshot. People have been hating this match-up for several reasons. Yes this match-up is a same series one, but Death Battle has done several of these over the series that are over good episodes! And this'll likely have an incredible animation as it's the finale. Yes I get it could've been replaced by a handful of better match-ups that people have been begging to happen forever ago but it's not like those can't happen on later season.

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