Name a character on Death Battle who you underestimated and were unsettled by how strong they were.

  1. Every single comic book tv show/movie massively nerfs it’s more powerful characters. Unless you’re really into comics or similar mediums anything above planet level is pretty crazy for most people.

  2. That was a bit of a highball. They took a statement about Homelander from someone else and gave him the benefit of the doubt and assumed that Vaught actually straight up nuked their golden boy because they got bored or something. Highly unlikely but it didn't make a difference anyway.

  3. It helps that they included the animated series. I know at the time most people were not expecting them to include it due to it being considered dubious canon

  4. Then wait when the true hax abilities in Jojo starts to appear. For context we have an inmortal being with the powers of all life forms, infinite acceleration combined with punches that reverse your body, the entire universe is against you, etc.

  5. Darkseid. I was rooting and betting on Thanos when the episode came out, but watching the research had me gulping nervously and pulling on my collar lol

  6. Po for me as well, before he was even revealed for DB. I heard arguments for Multiversal Po and I was like “Nani?” Nice that one of my favorite childhood movies gets the respect it deserves

  7. Dude, Popeye might just be the strongest character from any fight ever. I was baffled by how ludicrous his feats of strength are.

  8. I have a couple but I'll give you a recent example will be Zatanna ( because I always thought Wanda but I didn't realize you had some counters)

  9. PopEye, I always knew he was a tough guy and did like him quite abit… but damn😶, I wasn’t ready for how much beef ya man was backing🫥🤣

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