Found this. Yay or Copium?

  1. All I see is a well structured analysis. This is one of the few predictions I've seen where the person is trying to be as non-biased as possible. They also admit when they may not know something specific.

  2. I agree with some parts, but other parts are iffier. The main two I disagree with is his speed scaling for Asta, Asta from the very first fight against a devil was fighting someone FTL, since Licht is noted by Yami to move faster than light while holding back, and the first devil is stronger than Licht. The second one is Blackwhip binding his Grimoire, as the Grimoires should scale to Asta's speed and is bound to his soul, meaning it should be MUCH faster than Deku. Along with this Liebe seems to be able to summon the swords without the use of the Grimoire.

  3. Does asta get like some insane multipliers from his forms or something? I haven't heard any crazy speed feats besides laser dodging, which depending on if DB buys some of the laser feats from the movies or aoyama's laser could bring the 2 to similar speeds imo.

  4. Licht is the easiest to make ftl,he literally uses light magic and against Julius dodged his own magic while it was going far faster due to time manipulation.

  5. Sobout of curiosity how manynif Astas feats could potentially get the Johnny Cage Warrior of the God treatment at not being considered able to scale properly due to specialties?

  6. Well tbh it also depends on how they analyze deku’s quirk. Specifically agains the demon destroyer sword which removes curses and the such. If that sword can remove OFA from deku, because it is not a natural part of deku’s body.

  7. I never got into Black Clover, but I do remember Asta dodging attacks from the sis con with the mirrors. He was blocking attacks from him, so he’s already light speed before any major power ups I’m assuming he goes through.

  8. Honestly, this all makes perfect sense. It brings up valid points for both that show an unbiased understanding of each character's strengths and weaknesses and explanations for each that aren't just "hur hur they stomp" like most people on this sub have been.

  9. Im saying copium because i prefer to assume that Asta will win to save the dissapointment i'l have if i believe Deku does but Asta wins at the end

  10. Where tf do people keep “hearing” that DB doesnt buy Multi-Continental Asta? But atleast this person is actually gives reasoning for on who takes what.

  11. Deku is nowhere close to light speed even when you severely high ball him. In the latest manga arc Deku gets teleported away from where he was supposed to be and needed to fly back which took at least a couple of minutes. Even if we say that Deku had to fly from the other side of the world and he was only using 5% the lowest percentage ever used in the series taking only 1 minute that would only be 3 seconds at full power to travel half the world, light meanwhile would would have traveled 22.5 times around the world in the same amount of time.

  12. He was 20 km away iirc. But he also had a brief skirmish with Toga, and we don’t know how long it took him. For all we know, even at 5% minus Black Whip, Fajin, and Gear Shift, it might’ve taken Deku all of a minute to reach Shigaraki.

  13. Somewhat copium. I do respect that they seem to get Asta’s stats right, but they REALLY highballed Deku to the extreme. Also, his Anti-Magic isn’t “useless”, as it seems to still be a form of physical energy that can still cut non-magical things; it just won’t likely be able to cancel out Deku’s Quirks.

  14. Speaking of versatility, Asta does have devil powers like Devil Union, but Devil Union lasts up to 5-10 minutes and can leave him vulnerable for 30 minutes after the transformation.

  15. See that's the beauty of it, apparently according to a large amount of people death battle has said they don't buy multi continental or continental asta. I don't know where they're getting it XD

  16. Can we stop with the whole "asta only tends to win by canceling out his foe's powers" bs? He has to be physically strong and fast to counter said stuff. He wasn't canceling out shit against Dante except for his regen

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