how to experience death?

  1. That’s great if you have 6 hours to kill. I prefer a blackout dose of DMT. 10 minutes in a different world and then back to reality with no nausea or hangover.

  2. Yknow when you fall asleep, but don't dream anything? Thats exactly (in my opinion) what death will be like, just extended forever. So in a way you're already experiencing it regularly

  3. It is odd, I have seen and experienced some unexplainable stuff that has been caused by an unknown entity, in my opinion there could be absolutely anything after death, we will literally never know until we die

  4. Regular meditation is said to be preparation for death, among other things. It allows you to concentrate on what it feels like to live, change and, eventually, die

  5. I've done many of the things here in the comments, and I've actually died. I can say my experience was nothing like meditation, shrooms or ketamine.

  6. A death of your sense of self can be achieved, like others have commented, with a strong dose of psylocibin or, alternatively, LSD. Stay safe.

  7. No, there isn’t. But two things: first, before any of us existed, there was a time we didn’t exist. Second, everyone will go through the process of death.

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