Deadmau5 at Meow Wolf Denver

  1. It was a private show. I live in Denver and actually got invited but was unable to bring myself to go due to some recent trauma. I’m probably going to regret that decision.

  2. I'm sure this set was 🔥 and was Testpilot heavy. Definitely a treat for whomever was there. Would love to get the track list from it. Curiosity has me wondering what new songs he's sampling into his shows.

  3. It's pretty small, and when there's no show they have interactive art projected across the whole room.

  4. Argh. What a meddling in timing. Ffs. Had I known I would have been there. What a bummer. 🌧️❤️ Side note: that stage setup is too legit. 👁️

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