What is your favourite and least favourite song from Random Album Title?

  1. Why is faxing berlin no longer on any digital copies of the album?? I used to LOVE the album from there onwards... I can't find my CD copy anymore and I miss it so much

  2. this is my absolute all-time favorite deadmau5 album. It's just SO classic and flawless. my favorite song is "So there I was". the song takes you on a journey and is the perfect ending to the album. It's totally underrated and holds near and dear to me for the feelings of nostalgia that it gives me. "complications" hits and makes me want to get up and get down. "I remember" is easily the most well-known off the album I would say, and "faxing berlin" is just so fucking special that song could be on loop for hours. great post, a really hard question to answer. :)

  3. arguru is the OG strobe, it kills me he rarely plays it nowadays. But that makes it so it's not overplayed, which is good I guess. It's my all time favorite deadmau5 track for sure.

  4. I consider this album one long song. It’s pretty much my favorite album, it’s gotten me through so much.

  5. Not Exactly is my least favorite track off of RAT. It reminds me of a song in Paper Mario lmfao. With the exception of that one song, the remainder of the album is very solid.

  6. The entire album is a banger in general. First fave would be Not Exactly, i think the buildup and mixing is really good, along with the atmosphere it gives off.

  7. I agree with you on Complications being the worst. I know this is the most generic answer I could give, but I Remember is by far my favorite. In fact, it's my favorite deadmau5 track period. Listening to it is heaven...

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