I’m really bad at chases

  1. When being chased, we all often just migrate to the closest loop, which consists of some structure and a pallet/vault. You needa just run around the loop until you are close to being hit, which then you can either 1. Drop the pallet and run to the next loop or 2. take the hit so you get a speed boost and not waste the pallet, using that boost to go to the next loop. I suggest to watch videos about looping efficiently, as shits hard to explain

  2. Make sure you are looking behind you in chases, it’ll be a balance between looking where the killer is and the direction they’re going and not running into stuff at the same time haha

  3. It's all about playing more really. Getting comfortable being chased . Try 🤔 ng about how much time you waste , not about being caught.

  4. Always run towards something to help you. Look for the nearest vaults and pallets before you get in a chase and think about which way you are going to go when the killer approaches. Plan your escape as if the killer could come from any direction.

  5. Just gotta put more time into getting chased. You'll quickly learn what the obvious play is for the killer. I loop as if the killer is me (getting good at killer helps a ton).

  6. The best way of learning is by doing, get the killers attention and try to loop him over and over you will learn how to loop by the time.

  7. I also am in the same boat lol. Keep working on it! Mind games feel like RNG to me, it either works or it doesn't lol.

  8. Sometimes just stand still when ur looping the killer and you’ve lost line of sight. They usually think you’re doubling back or run and they mindgame themselves.

  9. I was looking for tips for chasing as killer and came across this thread, so sorry for necromancing it. I totally get what you’re saying dude. I’m devotion 1 level 22 and I’ve never gone below rank 7. It just seems like no matter what I do I get smacked ten feet through a window or just end up in a dead zone. Shit is frustrating. Especially when you find out it’s like a rank 16 that rekt you. I’ve seen all the YouTube vids and read all the tips and I’m still hot garbage.

  10. That's terrible advice. Most pallets you can't see far enough around to avoid mindgames. And killers will get hits if you camp pallets. Especially at higher ranks. Also uses a ton of pallets. Your better off standing at a corner near a pallet and in a position you can see both sides. If he comes from the left, run right then drop the pallet. That's still not a good way to do it. But much better than camping a pallet

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