GME: Rigged Algo and potential squeeze date prediction // Swap duration change

  1. Hi Luminus, how did you arrive at -10 (from T+69 to T+59)? How did you calculate the shortening to be about 10 days specifically?

  2. I took the last swap date and drew the dateline until after the second bottom. This puts us somewhere around 29th. and from the swap day to the 29th are around 59days.

  3. So you theorize that the first top in the double top might be created by an ah run sep 29 down/sideways for a few days and then up to create the 2nd top. Then crash to 12ish add 35 = squeeze?

  4. either AH run or normal marketrun. but I assume the algo will do the same bullshit and just do it AH. lets see.yes T+35 lands us 11th november, why not make it creepy and connect it with the start of the sneeze of 13th january and make it 666 days, dooms day :)

  5. either during market hours, or an afterhour run. if markethours around 8 days they do the swaps. forming the double top.

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