Our Lives Are Fabricated As F*ck | SWAPS EVERYWHERE JULY MADNESS 📚 Possible DD

  1. Thanks for posting this!! Let’s see what AMC does ! We have 2 holidays (Juneteenth and 4th) that might move the dates around a bit.

  2. So do you think AMC and GME both have a decent run next week then from these charts, but AMC starting tomorrow/Friday?

  3. I think they're using OPEX to get shares on GME because the 70 day cycle is so f'in huge. We end up running on opex and the 70 day cycle.

  4. I asked this on the other sub before your post was removed by sus mods, but could you clarify what you mean by back to 48 the normal way? I get how this could happen through a split, but do you see them shorting us back down that hard? Are you saying either we rocket out of the wedge, or drop down under it? If so, which of those two do you expect?

  5. there is a price manipulation marker since february 2021. and usually it fills those prices it marks. thats why I believe that they wanna hammer it down so much. initially I thought they are going for it when the stock was around 70 bucks. but then the cycle interrupted it.

  6. Why are people in superstonk acting like this was so confusing? It’s straight to the point, you think it may be going up but that’s not market manipulation. It’s just the special lines you decided to draw, it’s your opinion. Why would it be removed for that reason?

  7. I’m very curious how this plays out. You and Leenixs both think something happening next week while Gherk does not. I hope you guys are. 🤞🏼

  8. Thank you for taking the steps to create a place for DD that shows the interrelationships between tickers. The market is complex and GME is not isolated. This is the kind of information that should be seen, acknowledged, and shared. I can understand trying to stay on topic but at the same time, eliminating DD that clearly shows influence, does more harm than good.

  9. I love how this is filled with patronizing phrases like “TA works and if you think otherwise you’re a noob” and “you gotta know stuff like me to know what to do” but it wound up all being wrong.

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