Found at my local flea market

  1. Look like chucky went ssj3. It’s already hard killing the guy as it is and now he ascended beyond chucky

  2. This is the timeline where beerus hit the same spot on his head that goku hit when he was a kid instead of on the neck during their first fight

  3. "Calm hey pomade blah! DOKU WINSYAAYYYYY!" to be contunderd on the next excruciating picture show of dwagun bawll reee!

  4. Ohhhh yeah. Those shitty figures Irwin Toys made in the early 2000s. I had SOOO many of those as a kid (I turned 8 in late 2000). Seriously though... the ones made by Jakks Pacific shortly after in the mid 2000s were even worse 🤣

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