Future Gohan by me!

  1. What I don't get is that a Gohan that trained and fought for his life through adulthood should have been way stronger, even just as a regular super saiyan. I don't like the idea that Elder Kai is the only reason he got so strong. Also he was able to hit SS2 over an android dying, there's no way future Gohan didn't experience more traumatic losses.

  2. I love dorky dad Gohan, though. He’s just the cutest thing. But I do wish they hadn’t nerfed him so much. He was supposed to be the strongest of them all.

  3. History of trunks is my absolute favourite movie (if you count it as one). So much tension and emotions, just amazing. I always feel sorry and get very emotional when seeing how future trunks and Gohan having both a hard time to survive all this shitty mess happening around them!! And dbs just slaughtered the whole story in a very bad way. This is why I absolutely hate dbs. Fuck it

  4. Oh this just absolutely slaps. The moody colors and texture, how absolutely on point Gohans modeling on his form and expression are

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