blue goku by me!

  1. Let's be real here, if we're talking about the first like 70-80 episodes of DBS, this looks too good to be from the show lmao

  2. Dead serious, this is fantastic. Really good lineart, shading, and color palette. I feel like I'm pretty hard to please too and you did a great job!

  3. This is really great! The proportions are accurate and the face really does look like Goku facing down a stronger opponent.

  4. Gokus face when he realizes that if Gohan had never stopped training he'd be strong enough to compete with goku and vegeta for sure, and most likely miles ahead of them in terms of power.

  5. I’ve been thinking about that. If we kept it to saiyan only forms, then yeah Gohan would be a good amount stronger, but Ul and UE might actually close the gap or put Goku and Vegeta ahead.

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