Character You’d Replace (Or Just Remove?)

  1. Idk, janemba just cool bro, and orb bombos, sparking loops, and double teleport mix are all super saucy.

  2. Yeah, a lot of people are talking about alternate skins. Future Gohan as an alternate for Adult Gohan, Android 17 is my favorite character so I’d love to see his original clothing in game, so on. It’d be an incredibly minor change, but it would make things a lot cooler imo

  3. I would probably not replace anybody, the game is not perfect by any means but i think everyone even lab coat are more good than they are bad, they give more Verity and even tho i would like to nerf most of the top tiers i still prefer them as they are now and not nonexistent at all

  4. Honestly I want the characters that are just the same character in different forms to just be put under one character that simply uses installs to change form. I'm pretty sure there is a mod for it, and I've heard it works pretty well.

  5. Ooo, that’s a hot take. Everyone seems to swarm for UI. I also forgot to mention, I think super 17 would be a cool addition. Why no UI tho?

  6. Im surprised Omega Shenron isnt here, but Baby is. Super 17 would be dope. Tapion would be cool, of course Pikkon also. Dabura what have some interesting moves i bet...So how about Add Super 17, Dabura, Pikkon and Tapion??

  7. I'd swap Roshi or SS4 Gogeta for Pan. Roshi I flat out didn't really want and SS4 Gogeta annoys me too much (Vegito is worse, but he's somewhat essential) and there's not much point having him here without Omega Shenron.

  8. That’s a good point about SS4 Gogeta. Personally,I love GT and always want more representation in games (loving XV2, except for the gameplay). Pan would be a great figher I think, though idk, I’m fine with Roshi in the game. He wasn’t a big deal in Super to me, but I think it’s cool to have such an iconic character from the original DB

  9. Garbage ass post. Really hating on Janemba just because you don't know how to use him. I used to feel the same way though until I learned to use him a bit more and he was already one of my favorite characters just for being one of the coolest designed monsters in DB.

  10. Some people just like janemba. The movie made him a really cool villain, and I like how complex he is, despite how simple he might seem.

  11. Get rid of lab coat for android 13, get rid of videl for super buu, get rid of gt goku for imperfect cell, get rid of Roshi for omega shenron.

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