What buffs would make Hit great but not OP, within the top 10 strongest characters but not number 1?

  1. Surely Hit's buffs can't be that extreme compared to some of the broken twitter clips I saw recently where SSJ4 RedGoku got better than ever.

  2. After the last patch, he soared from high tier to top tier off of increased movement and pressure alone. He doesn’t need a faster 2M. He’s not a high/low character. His positives are frame traps, baits, left/right “mix”, anti-reflect blockstrings, and anti-mashing

  3. an absolute pain to defend against. its almost like no defensive options except guard cancel work against him, drives me nuts

  4. Not really necessary imo, 2l isn’t able to be mashed on and can’t combo so more speed is a little redundant and 2m is a move that hit hardly should be using.

  5. He does not need a faster 2L. It's on the verge of being unreactable, so speed is not the issue. It's a perfectly fine normal as it is. 2M is still mid, but considering hit rn, he still does perfectly as it is, and you hardly even use 2M, which is where it shines since it's a tool to catch them off guard.

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