How do I play this game?

  1. Find 3 characters that you like and either mash buttons or learn combos for them. Arcade mode is decent practice as well as training mode. Online can either be fun or toxic, there is no in between.

  2. That's a very generalized question that's somewhat difficult to answer. I used to watch a guy called rooflemonger on YouTube to get info on how to play. His info on character specific stuff is way out of date now but it'll still help if you're brand new and need the basics on mechanics and fighting game concepts. If you're new to fighting games in general it's a pretty steep learning curve ngl. Probably the most in-depth videogame genre outside of maybe computer strategy games. Good luck on your journey

  3. I’m just confused on how to properly combo without using auto combos and I don’t understand much of the fighting game talk

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