Just got fighterz yesterday, inclusive of all dlc. I have about five hours of playtime and I'm realising this game isn't as easy as I thought it would be to learn. My current go to characters are hit, ssj goku and Rosé.. Any tips, main changes, advice or help is greatly appreciated. Much thanks

  1. Thanks man, this was a lot. I definitely am considering swapping hit for the time being cause of how weird he is when compared to everyone else.

  2. The practice correctly is so key. Fighters is my first fighter game and I wish I would have learned sooner there are some situations that you should have down for sure with every character. Starting at mid screen, get comfortable with combos that start with a 2m, 2h, 5L, 2L, 236S, superdash, and vanish. These are all conversions you will frequently land and you should know when you should go for max damage or best positioning ( hard knockdowns or moving the enemy to a corner). That's 7 combos for each of your characters that should keep you busy in training mode. Then you can start experimenting with sparking and different routes to find your optimal routes and TODs.

  3. I would recommend vegeta over yamcha for a beginner since he have the same bnb pattern than ssj goku and black. So learning bnb for black and ssj will result on learning vegeta as well. And vegeta assist is definitely a better assist on low level.

  4. Hit is one of the hardest characters to play in the game. If you really continue liking him after becoming more familiar with the game, be prepared to put the time and effort into learning him. That said, he is very unique skillset-wise and is definitely a ton of fun.

  5. Tbh Hit in low elo is probably one of the best chars to climb. I don't think he is that hard and everyone in low ranks get baited by the counter

  6. Watch some high level play too, it’s always good to see what the pros are doing, there’s this years pro tour, Bum1six3s house of chaos , and animeilluminati fighting Tuesday’s are the biggest ones

  7. Learn the combos. Make use of sliding knockdown, seriously. If you knock someone down in the corner, be in their face when they wake up. Even up to the 700k BP range people are mashing down heavy as soon as they get up

  8. This game has a weird right of passage as in, you HAVE to lose a ridiculous amount in order to succeed. I’m naturally good at fighters. This is legit the 1st one I couldn’t get the grasp of. After practicing and losing an absurd amount I finally got good enough and became a 🟪. But yea, bnb’s and labbing. Also, ranked would probably benefit you cause casual matches tend to bring out the tryhards.least, for now.

  9. Yeah, I'm alright at other fighting games too and this caught me off guard. I plan on getting into ranked in a bit, working on bnb's, much thanks!

  10. For me I had a really easy time up to SSG, then I hit a massive wall and started getting my ass kicked. It doesn't help that I'm in school and take a lot of breaks, but damn it's demoralizing to get online and get destroyed by tactics I was handling just fine when I started out.

  11. Interesting, because it's the exact opposite for me. Dbfz is my first fighting game, but I've always find it easy to learn, but still hard to master and get good at. I learned the universal bnb, and it was pretty easy for me to climb into supreme kai. Then suddenly got too hard in demon. I actually need to train and think before just attacking the opponent to stay in demon. Now the same thing is happening in SSJ3, but I'm pretty close to Majin now.

  12. I have about 900 hours of Hit playtime and the most important thing I can say about using him is to not overuse his 236m stance and it's followups too much, you can also do any of his specials from his light autocombo which is highly effective when he does the thing where he attacks from both sides, you can let him go to the other side then use his 214/236 s to mixup too

  13. Most characters including ssj goku and rose have a pretty basic combo they can do that goes 2m 5m jump 5m 5l 2h super dash 5m 5ll 2h jump 5lll. Not sure if you know how combo notation works but most characters can do that combo extremely easy and with practice it will become muscle memory. After you master this combo you can start to try out more complicated and damaging combos. Also don’t get discouraged because eventually you’ll get better and every loss will show you something you’re doing wrong and you can fix it.

  14. I think the game is super friendly to newcomers because everyone can do Autocombos but those aren't going to get you far online .

  15. Ok so, your team is the first team I mained for a while. First thing u really wanna nail down is using ur assists. First easy combo I would learn is as follows: 5m 5h 236LL a1 short dash 5m jc LL 2h LLL a2 236LL lvl 1/lvl 3

  16. You and me pall. My first fights were total confusion cuz everything was harder than what it seemed to be on the videos

  17. mash square G . learn to counter super dash(this might sound stupid but do its a fkn pain for beginners like us). recently ive been focusing on an optimal combo with fused zamasu . btw man i find it har to hit moves sometimes thw qcf thing is hard on controller

  18. I'd hold off on Hit if you're new to the game. Imo he's a bit more complicated than most of the other characters. SSJ Goku and Goku Black are good, maybe try SSJ Vegeta, Bardock, or Gogeta, at first.

  19. I've been playing for about a week or 2 , I'm still improving and practicing a lot but my advice would be to practice ! Get your BnBs down , practice the neutral , record some of your matches especially the ones you lost on and learn from it !

  20. I played the game for a year just using auto combos and super basic techniques. It wasn’t until I played against my friends a lot and watched YouTubers (this is midway through 2019) where I realised there is soooo much more you can do and it actually isn’t that difficult to achieve in this game. I am not even close to a great player but I was never someone to sit in practice mode and try out combos but now I actually give it a go. My tips are, learn a glossary of terms for fighting games, watch people like Jmcroft and Dotodoya. Look at the bnb they use and try learn frames. Learn counters (like 2h for a superdash) and definitely learn about sliding knockdowns (supers at the end of a combo).

  21. Tech with dragon rush, not Light button you’d be surprised how inconsistent that is it’s work 50/50 for me and I’m still guilty of this smh lol

  22. The number one tip I can give to you is dont let losing get you down, and dont think too much about your W/L rate.

  23. On top of what everyone has said, try every character. Take them all into practice for an hour or so. Not only does this help you pick your favourite to play, but it’ll also help you get a better feel for team composition.

  24. BnB’s are important but so is learning how to play neutral. How to open people up when they’re blocking, when to block how to block and when it’s your turn to start hitting buttons again. What moves are safe to close the gap between you and your opponent and what moves will keep them away. There’s really only one way to learn this and it’s by repeatedly getting your ass kicked by other people and eventually you’ll be doing the ass kicking. It’s really just time, keep playing and don’t get discouraged. Also flashy stuff like TOD’s aren’t necessary, focus on fundamental and master that first

  25. It all comes down to playtime. Play 1000 matches and you’re a skilled beginner. Play 5000 and you should be pretty competent. That’s about where I am. I’m ok but I’m no expert.

  26. Thanks a lot to everyone who commented, I've learned a good amount from here alone and are getting my BnBs down. I decided to drop hit as suggested, for cell and I'm doing decent with goku. For those who didn't see, I'm on pc and my steam is narutobain

  27. It’s so funny because that was my first team when I started playing. Hit is a very advanced character, and I don’t really recommend starting with him. Try and learn the basic “bread and butter” combo, it really helps to become a better player, and helps you learn the basic mechanics in the game. Here is a good Vid to help you with beginning combos:

  28. First of all. What console are you on. I'm on ps4, switch and PC, and on ps4 I have a group of friends I play with of various skill levels that you could join in on if you'd like. (We all just met so it wouldn't feel like you're an outside person joining an already formed group) its helpful to have people to talk to after matches, because they can see flaws in your play that you might not notice. Playing with them got me way better even in the short time it's been. "Hit" me up if you're interested. (Get it) my psn is QuercusOptimus.

  29. I'm new to the game and there are 3 tips I can give that other people have told me and are really useful. find a team that works and stick to it, Hit is a really good character if your good at playing him as he has great grabs and punishing IMO and learn the universal BnB and then try and do character specific BnBs

  30. Been playing hit since the game dropped. I hate promoting myself but check out my posts to see some Hit gameplay/combos!

  31. Youtube and twitter! Find character specific discords, utilize the training room, find friends to fight. (Im on ps4 and will help anyone who wants it)

  32. This game has some unique mechanics in comparison with other fighting games. I would do all of the combo challenges before anything else. They will give you a general idea of what each character is capable of and it will show off some different mechanics as well. There is a demo version for each combo in case you get stumped. I've logged around 1k hours and I'm still learning things lol. SSJGoku is a very standard but well rounded character that is one of the best anchors in the game. Bardock and gt Goku are top tier. Black is good but he isn't top tier. His assist is very good but his lack of a true 2L and need for bar hold him back. IMO Hit is one of the most unique characters in the game. He isn't high on the tier list but I think he's a lot better than people give him credit for. He's one of those characters that has an unusual play style that's hard to master, but if you do, it can be super strong. RaptR on twitch/tube has one of the sickest hits Ive seen. OBAssassin's hit is godlike as well. TL;DR If you're looking to learn the game, do every characters' combo challenges. How much experience do you have with fighting games and what are they? I can give additional advice depending on that.

  33. Imo you should learn BnBs first, then learn to combo starting with a high move (that's not hard but pretty important for having a good amount of moves for preassure and not preassure only in middle/low). Learn to react to superdash with 2H move (that's pretty important in low ranks, everyone spam the fkn superdash, sometimes me included xd), and finally learn the characters bcs a lot of them have punishable moves in their combos.

  34. I would suggest you to learn basic characters first. My first team was ssj1 Goku / Tien / Yamcha and I litteraly learned everything with those guys. 😂 Anyways good luck to you and enjoy 👍🏼

  35. You did pick a difficult character which is hit, what I did was watch gameplay videos of dotodoya and jimcrofts to see what combos they used, and how they used a move in what scenario. Fighters is my first fighting game. Also another channel which is useful is rooflemonger just type rooflemonger and your character and there should be a video on tips and tricks on that character or bnb.

  36. Watch Obbisaasasin for that sweet rose and Hit sinergy tech, also for individual tech. As a tip, i dont think you need 2 hamehameha assists, is comfy yes, but it may be too much. I main 21, black and hit and i love how well they support each other.

  37. So, begin with hit, and use him to do as much damage as you can, then move Black to the second spot and use him to prevent hit from dying, like switching to him when you are low on health.

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