Battle for the psyche

  1. I tell you what man, I always play on my own and after playing tarkov I actually feel unwell from all adrenaline an stress, it's like a surprise gunfight in dayz except all the time

  2. 100% agreed. DayZ is more than enough for me. I get into firefights once every 2 hours or so and thats enough for me.

  3. I’ve got so many palpitations when playing games such as DayZ. I started Hunt:Showdown recently and it’s the same feeling to me.

  4. I dont know how much tarkov u guys have played but if u dont care about the gear u got or could get it gets easier if u want that feeling of *extreme" adrenaline or whatever then just keep doing what ute doingn i guess.

  5. True, after months of playing you learn how to control the stress of tarkov though. Dayz I find is more of a long drawn out latent stress whereas tarkov the raids are short.

  6. Cherish it, I've been gaming so long - wiped a squad in dorms once and my HR didnt even go above 80.

  7. I have around 800 hours in Tarkov. Whenever I used to play other games I would get stressed out sometimes and my hands would shake and sweat. After retiring from it, I have never had that problem ever again. That game has desensitized me to stress in other games. They’ll never be as stressful as Tarkov.

  8. It's funny. I used to play CSGO and after a couple clutch or kick moments one of my teammates said "you've been playing Tarkov haven't you?"

  9. Tarkov is literally exposure therapy to game-related stress. That game genuinely improved my gaming experience AFTER I stopped playing it.

  10. I saw a fellow survivor drinking. I had a revolver with 2 shots. I could taken the shot and extended my Sick life a couple more days. I didn’t.. now I’m on the brink of death in my cold cabin barfing my days away..

  11. „˙oʇ noʎ sllǝʇ ʇı ʇɐɥʍ op puɐ uıoɔ ɐ dılɟ 'sozıɥɔS ˙ʇɟǝl oʇ sɥʇɐdoıɔos 'ʇɥƃıɹ ǝɥʇ oʇ sɥʇɐdoɥɔʎsԀ„

  12. As a stalker fan there is a road one nice one to soc and cop and a bumpy one to cs and the path to mods is of a cliff

  13. Too bad EfT costs a whooping $140 if you want to play without significant disadvantages with a reduced stash size and smaller secure container, and I ain't going to pay for the hustle even though that, as a concept, I like EfT even more than DayZ. To make it worse, they only offer regional discounts to the Russian region, so for the price of $140 USD I could instead buy like ten good quality games on Steam for the same price.

  14. First time I considered buying EfT I thought I was getting mega scammed and was going to lose my money and have my identity stolen. Even trying to purchase the game is an adrenaline rush.

  15. it’s on black friday sale right now for 25% off, i get what you mean about the disadvantages of not having the best edition, but it is still entirely manageable to do and a great time. You should definitely give it a chance!

  16. DayZ on my old Xbox One S. The exploring is my favorite part. Just hearing the breeze in the trees is soothing enough. I usually avoid players like the plague and hearing the crack of a rifle still makes me jump.

  17. I guess if you believe in stereotypes. I enjoy a decent amount of hours in DayZ and still get out daily, walk my dogs, hang with my fam, visit my neighbors. People like to conflate not going out, spending money with not being social. I spend a bunch of time on DayZ chatting with my squad. Is that not socializing? People can have different approaches to socializing that are still healthy. Been playing DayZ since 2011 on and off and Im personally happy with my social life.

  18. I disagree, it’s only stressful when ur getting raided but there’s a lot of games that do that like ark. Dayz has you paranoid about everything.

  19. 3k hours in tark and finally burnt myself out, hate myself just as much playing dayz now lmao. nothing will compare to the adrenaline you get when you are new to tarkov tho

  20. Honestly I find dayz much more chill (even chiller if you play on a pve/no kos server) than tarkov, where even after nearly 900 hours I still have my heart racing for the 40 minutes of the raid.

  21. Do I have to be mentally ill to enjoy Dayz? Maybe. Maybe.. The game is great. And there is a sick love I have for it that no other game offers. Protecting your “base” on official is a thrilling and paranoid feeling that you can only get from Dayz.. nothing is forever, but it’s mine for now.

  22. I'm so fuckin peaceful in DayZ until I get shot at, I see a random and its "eyy bud you hungry? I'm roastin some food, come get some water!" either making a friend, startin over or gettin more loot 🤷🏾‍♂️

  23. I enjoyed DayZ when I used to play 6-7 years ago, but god it was SO stressful. Mainly why I haven't gone back. I don't need any more stress in my life.

  24. Or play modded DayZ and it's the same as Tarkov with the bigger maps, and all sorts of great shit.. hive servers.. extraction points to other servers/maps with traders to sell, etc.

  25. Dude I just can't get into tarkov with how high stakes it is. The fact that every match you could lose everything makes every fight an adrenaline pumping nightmare

  26. after 2k hours and some years older i can definetly say, you can only find a good thrill of the hunt in these games, if ever they only worsen your illness :D

  27. I dunno man, I always think that the people who play DayZ are mostly super chill dudes looking for a casual survival game. Atleast on European, unmodded servers.

  28. Used to love tarkov, but cheaters where getting more and more blatant with devs doing very little about it. Last time i played a cheater that was floating in the air good 50 meters high, and around 100 meters away took out me and two of my buddies with multiple perfect headshots as soon as we ran around the corner. And that was when i realised that i had enough of that shit.

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