This fucking game man..

  1. Yeah lol about that heli desyncing but i'd be more worried about that stark raving mad chainsmoker chimpanze you got dying in the background there.

  2. I got teleported under map today also man had no idea what the fuck happened. Relog and had 4 cuts and all my gear damaged lag I’m guessing

  3. Unmmm the last time I remember only modded servers have Helis and stuff so blame the fucking server and not the game because not even the company did this

  4. never have something like that on normal moded servers.Enyoy playing on 120 slots,100k 10 traders,misions,airdrops,weed,zombies,beast,....what do you expect..cccc

  5. Think it is im not sure, was posted in the discord of a group i used to play with, seems funny asf her reaction is over the top lmao

  6. I the not too distant past I didn’t know whether I was running into a military base holding a zucchini or a weapon so there’s NO chance I’d trust any vehicles yet

  7. dude u are playing heavily modded server and u say "this fucking game" its more "those fucking mods"

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