Dave denounces Kanye West and Nick Fuentes

  1. He just assumes that Tim “exposed” Fuentes but what does Tim even disagree with Nick about? Tim could 100% be brought over to JQ shit if he hasn’t already, he’s a wack job.

  2. Dave would absolutely be fine with associating with Nick Fuentes if there was a viable path for him career wise. But this is such an obvious dead end even he can see it. Also notice his careful language around Trump, slowly disassociating to allow himself to align with the Republican establishment if need be.

  3. Its like he wants people to clap like seals cause he called a racist a racist. Then he comes to and realises he has to jack off his qanon fanbase and tell them he still likes trump…..Pathetic fan boy grifter

  4. Everyone: Trump is a racist, fascist and deeply unintelligent person who shouldn't have power Cons: that's slander? Trump: praises a send describes Neo-Nazi at a dinner with him Dave: Pikachu surprise face

  5. Dave crawling his way over to desantis like a slug inching from one pile of shit to another. Fuentes is a million times better than Dave because at least he is mask off. Dave is a kapo who will betray his own with a phony smile.

  6. ya hate Nick Fuentes all you want, at least he believes everything he says unlike Tim pool and Rubin. he argues in good faith, he is just pro Russia and thinks America needs to stay predominantly white/Christian, and a proud incel. the only thing he might lie about is being straight. he always seems to have boys living at his house.

  7. Dave can say whatever he wants but there’s no doubt he’d have had both Fuentes and Kanye on his show circa 2017/18 and provided zero pushback on any of their proclamations.

  8. NOW he cares about racism 🤔 As soon as he starts feeling targeted, that's when they seem to have crossed a line. What a slimy crepuscular rat coward. These people were always like this. You only opposed them when they became a threat to YOU.

  9. Literally the only racism line in the sand for Rubin and Shapiro is antisemitism, and that line is fading more and more every day.

  10. How did we get to the point where two totally uneducated losers like this have a platform to voice their delusions?

  11. Somehow these “right wing” commentators always end up using the same language/tactics they claim is only for the left

  12. If you're dumb enough to believe Trump (a former ex-president that's granted secret service protection for life) has no one vetting the people that are sitting down to dinner with him, you might actually be dumb enough to vote for Trump a third time.

  13. He’s right. The joke is more leopards ate my face type stuff. Right wingers love to act like social issues regarding nazis are unimportant and overblown, or that Trump is just a goofy guy who’s gonna knock the establishment…until it’s in their backyard and suddenly it matters.

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