How many times do we have to tell you Dave? If you hate Twitter that much, LEAVE. You are a grown man and fail to see the obvious.

  1. I don’t know what “rate limit” means, but why do these right wingers keep acting like Hunter Biden being a crackhead is breaking news? We’ve known this for years.

  2. Right. He’s not part of the administration in any way. The trump kids were all heavily involved; that’s why it would be news.

  3. I think the rate limit thing is twitters way of saying like damn slow tf down when you post a lot or keep refreshing the feed

  4. If fucking hookers and doing crack were the worst things Donald Junior ever did he would be a saint compared to how he truly is.

  5. Isn't this simple? Donald Trump JR is actively involved with Trump's campaign, Hunter Biden is in no way involved.

  6. Not sure how Hunter Biden impacts our lives he’s not an advisor or working in our government ; Trump had his kids literally given advisory positions while they were supposed to be running his companies to alleviate his conflict of interest…. Every time I see a hunter Biden story I think of how Trump and his kids used the office of the president to benefit themselves ….

  7. He couldn't stop slobbering on the site's nuts when he thought Daddy Elon was gonna buy it. Now that that is no longer on the table it is a horrible site Davie?

  8. I remember when the news broke that Elon was buying Twitter and Dave went on Newsmax and Fox News gleefully declaring we were in a “post-woke world.” He’s so heartbroken right now.

  9. For sure Dave Rubin has almost no real friends. He was good friends with Ana Kasparian and he stabbed her in the back for $$$. Who would wants to be friends with that? And also I can’t imagine too many people in the LGBT community are fond of him, considering what a conservative lapdog he is.

  10. I think you may be onto something. Does Dave actually have any hobbies at all? Does he ever post anything outside of politics, excluding when he's making a political/culture war statement about whatever it is?

  11. True. They always insist that the left are all boring prudish hipsters that don't want fun, but at the same time they're crying that the president's son knows how to have a good time?

  12. Maybe normal people just don’t care about old videos of a drug addict talking about crack? These are sad if anything, he’s struggling with addiction let’s not use his struggle for laughs and clickbait.

  13. He’s like Olga in ‘Hey Arnold’. Mean and bitter but secretly has a shrine to Arnold (Twitter) in his closet. How about that for a reference?

  14. I think you mean Helga. Olga was Helga's older sister who was perfect in every way and the favorite child, the affection for whom was the source of much of Helga's resentment toward her parents who didn't value her by comparison. I was too young at the time I watched the show to fully comprehend just how sad of a life Helga had. She was a bully, but at times capable of incredible kindness and selflessness. The Hey Arnold Xmas special remains the most touching holiday cartoon in no small part thanks to her contribution to it.

  15. all those videos have done, is proof that Hunter Biden, while having lots of issues he needs to deal with, is a cool mother fucker at the same time.

  16. Dave is so actively busy blocking anybody who says anything remotely critical of him, he is hitting the API rate limit for Twitter.

  17. Joe Biden created policy that sent millions to prison for crack via mandatory minimums and disproportionate sentencing (mostly black people)....meanwhile his son is a degenerate crackhead who mooches millions of his corrupt family and connections....

  18. I’m just curious…why do you like Dave Rubin? Ignoring political leanings, the man is so dimwitted. There are so many better, well spoken right wing pundits out there.

  19. Funny how you guys focus on Dave and his hate for Twitter meanwhile completely ignore the fact that he's absolutely right.

  20. The literal retweet he is posting about is attacking the person and not any arguments. This whole Hunter Biden thing is specifically made to obfuscate actual discussions about policy

  21. Why do we have to respectfuly engage in a conversation about Hunter Biden smoking crack? I wouldn't even know what the fucking guy looked like is it wasn't for click hungry cucks like Dave crying about him a dozen times a week. If they give him a cabinet position and he's smoking crack, sure, let's talk about that. Until then normal, well adjusted people don't give two squirts what he's up to.

  22. What does Dave Rubin on Twitter have to do with Hunter Biden's drug, prostitute addiction and Joe Biden's daughter who wrote that he took inappropriate showers with her and Hunter referred to him as "Pedo Peter." I'm sure there's nothing to see here, everyone move along. Your worst nightmare isn’t Republicans or SCOTUS, it’s Hunter Biden’s laptop and iPhone.

  23. Hey Trump Voter no one gives a shit about Hunter's anything other than Trump Voters desperate to distract from your Trump Leader's endless crimes and incompetences.

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