Is your partner the most attractive person to you?

  1. From a male perspective I really believe that despite even the way guys talk to each other that looks don’t quite matter as much we’d like to believe. Remember that this is also a confidence issue with him too, although not a detrimental one. When you love someone the looks part matters so much less, you are attracted to that person so much more than surface level bullshit. She was out of his league looks wise, sure, but she was also an awful person with disgusting character traits. He chose you because you’re a good person and probably not even close to ugly at all. So what really matters more to you? How you look or how you make someone feel?

  2. Hm. He stuck his foot in his mouth. While I know there are many other people more attractive than myself, I definitely wouldn't want to hear my husband saying something that implied I was someone he "settled" for.

  3. 26M here, I fully get what he says. There are obviously very few couples where both would think their SO is literally the most attractive man/woman they’ve ever met in their lives. That’s actually pretty nice to know he didn’t chose you solely for your look but for many other reasons you have a grip on (personality, sense of humour and so).

  4. I disagree, because there's a lot more to love than attraction. There's also people who value physical attraction less than other traits that are vital to a relationship, but that doesn't mean that physical attraction is not valued. A healthy relationship allows the couple to admit that others are attractive without worry because they know they will still be there for one another regardless. Besides, couples tend to do a lot better with others who are equally attractive. It dispels doubt that "they could do better than me, why'd they pick me" and "i could do better than you, why am i settling?" I wouldn't want to be with the most attractive girl in the world because i know i wouldn't be able to measure up to that standard of attraction.

  5. I don’t think he means anything by it. It’s okay to note that other people are more “conventionally” attractive on the outside. But it sounds like he loves you for you.

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