Does someone being Vegan turn you away from wanting to date them?

  1. Wow...I--I don't know if I agree with this, but it stopped me in my tracks, and now I'm having to consider this. Thought-provoking words at the very least.

  2. I’m a vegan too, so I can’t really answer your question. But I understand the difficulties with dating as a vegan, and a lot of people say they’re okay with it, but then when they realize what being a vegan actually is they decide it’s too much for them. I just put it on my dating profile and if someone matches with me I assume that means they’re okay with it.

  3. I understand the other side of it too, when I was younger I dated a vegetarian before I even thought about veganism and thought that was fine. Yes it is different lifestyle but it didn't change how I saw them as a person or my interest in them. As you get older its more serious so I get it but I just find it hard to believe that so many won't give someone a chance just because they are vegan, its eye opening

  4. Yes. I’m very into cooking and eating at restaurants and I personally enjoy the experience of sharing food. I eat a meat-heavy diet so it would be very challenging for me. I would also get incredibly frustrated trying to source vegan friendly snacks etc for a movie night in or whatever. It’s a hard pass for me even though I empathise with people and their dietary choices. It would just be too inconvenient for me.

  5. My GF is vegetarian and even then making sure there are vegetarian or organic choices is a little extra that some people would find annoying. Vegan is eve taking it to whole nother level.

  6. Everything else aside it’s really not hard to find vegan snacks most movie snacks are vegan like popcorn without the butter, most fruit flavored candies nowadays are vegan, and almost any flavor of chip can be found without milk or egg. It’s not nearly as hard to find vegan options as people make it out to be.

  7. For me, I'd be happy to date a vegan, even eating vegan meals from time to time. Cooking separately wouldn't be an issue. In fact, for many meals, vegan dishes are quite delicious and healthy, and I'd be able to cook an entree to accompany it. I've had vegan salad, and it simply blows my mind.

  8. What about having to deal with double the amount of dishes every day because you have to cook 2 different meals

  9. My sister in law is a vergetarian and my brother is a meat heavy eater. She cooks meat, handles it, prepares it but won't eat it. She also will make dishes that have meet in them for him, and non-meat for her.

  10. Used to date a vegan man for 2 years, and honestly I probably will never do that again. He was an "open minded" vegan at first. We'd go to restaurants that has both options and we'd ordered different things. Things were ok at first. But then he'd started to judge "are you really gonna order that?" "oh you're finishing the whole thing?" "vegan mock meat are just as good you know what right?" (it's not lmao). Then it turnt to "if you eat meat/fish like that I won't kiss you after" "oh those restaurant's vegan options is limited can we just go to a vegan restaurant instead?" to "aw are you buying that cake? It's not vegan I can't share with you. Can you get a vegan cake instead?".

  11. Those people ruin it for everyone else. So unfortunate since most aren't and never would be like that. Even as a pescetarian (former vegan), my old roommate was similar to that, but our friend group just made them suck it up if we'd already had a vegan restaurant that week lol.

  12. Yes because I love to cook and eat anything and everything and the dynamic would just be weird if we can't enjoy the same food. I've tried it and it was just too much for me.

  13. Yes. Makes it way too much of a pain in the ass for going out to eat together/ witch friends and can’t share meals and enjoy each other’s food together (only goes one direction).

  14. honestly when friends or other people want to go out to eat and they know I’m vegan we eat anywhere because I can always find something to eat and don’t ever like to make it about me. I can see where you’re coming from tho.

  15. Nope, dated a vegan and it actually opened my eyes to new food items. Also, vegan food nowadays is super tasty!

  16. I'm allergic to nuts and chickpeas which is like 70% of how most vegans get protein so I have to categorically rule them out, even though there are vegan people that look interesting.

  17. I'm allergic to nuts and a new-ish vegan. You are not wrong. The amount of recipes that use nuts, especially cashews and walnuts, is insane. It's been interesting trying to find alternatives.

  18. Doesn't bother me. My diet is very restricted due to a medical issue, so food is complicated anyway, but my best friend is vegan an we cook and eat together all the time.

  19. Vegan male here too. Interesting responses from non vegans. For me though, I only date vegetarians or vegans because the shared values are so important to me. I need someone that understands where I come from. But also shared life in a home would be more difficult.

  20. I dated a vegan for a while, and I gotta say that it was really annoying. Obviously not a dealbreaker, but it was impossibly difficult to plan dates as we didn’t live in an area that supported that lifestyle with restaurants and the such.

  21. Not at all. Usually they eat healthier than me and I’m 100% willing to try most any food. Any healthy habits I can pick up along the way is worth it.

  22. Not necessarily, but I dated a vegan who made me feel guilty about eating meat in front of him (we did cook vegan food together, I went vegetarian for a bit). It worked for a while but I don’t see myself becoming vegan in the long run. I don’t get why this meat consumption shaming is common but I def got it from vegan friends as well. It’s a big lifestyle difference and lots of sacrifices to make. I don’t rule anyone out but it does factor in my decision making.

  23. Yea some do that and they give us a bad rap. I’m the only vegan out of all my friends and we respect each other’s choices. I’m not trying to preach or convert anyone. Curious, how did they make you feel guilty?

  24. I’m a vegan and my bf eats meat/veggies which to me isn’t a problem. Before our first date he looked up which restaurants had vegan options and still continues to do this! He always wants me to have a good selection of options to chose from if we are eating out. My bf is great at cooking and also loves it so he’ll also cook a lot of vegan dishes. If we go out for food we pick a restaurant that has options for both vegan and non vegans however he also doesn’t mind eating in a fully vegan place.

  25. Yes, and it’s not a personality thing (I’ve literally never met the type of vegans Redditors complain about). Having to operate around someone’s dietary restrictions can be a hassle.

  26. I love to cook. I love to cook for people. My ex refused to eat vegetables. He loved fast food and junk. I couldn't stand it since I'm health conscious. So with that being said I would take a vegan over that mess every day of the week and twice on Sunday. I'll cook my chicken on the side.😘

  27. In reverse, I am vegan and I have no problem dating a carnivore. Going out to eat together might not always be seamless but I don’t really think that’s something I would be concerned about looking for a real relationship. There are so many vegetarian/vegan options at most restaurants now, at least where I live, and it would be pretty shallow to care about what other people eat. Some people hate pickles and I like pickles, am I going to stop dating some just because we can’t share pickle sandwiches? Silly in my opinion- and if they care what I eat personally I’d rather not bother with them either.

  28. Vegan here as well. I've been dates with gals and when I oder a beyond or impossible burger I seen an eyebrow raise or a face. I then know that it's not going farther then a hook up. It is what it is.

  29. Personally don't think there should be a problem with most people. Vegans in person are generaly very different from the caricatures of vegans most people have in their heads I feel.

  30. NO! I actually eat a primarily carnivore diet, and I am currently dating someone who's very vegan/plant based. We both support each other in our health journeys and food choices whatever that may look like. I don't try to impose my personal belief about food onto her, and vice versa, I still make her bomb ass vegan/plant based dishes

  31. Vegetarian here, I don't mind! I really enjoy vegan food as well, and I don't mind eating mostly vegan (like vegan at home and vegetarian when I'm with other people)

  32. It is hard having separate diets, so when someone eats very different from you it will very likely cause friction without a lot of compromise.

  33. I'm a non-vegan dating a vegan. I have to be selective about the places we go out and where we order from, but the extra hassle is well worth the effort.

  34. It’s important to share your truth so your dates know what can be expected. Alignment of values and habits are important.

  35. No. I met my current boyfriend off a dating app and immediately hit it off. He’s been vegan for 7 years and I still eat plenty on non-veg food. We’ve never pressured each other to change one of our diets despite the difference. I’d say the only the only challenge in our relationship regarding food is finding a place to go out to eat, but even that’s not a challenge after a good google search. My boyfriend personally doesn’t care if I order a meat dish when we go out to eat.

  36. In my experience, it depends on how much the vegan person is open to compromise. I have a meat heavy diet, i love meat and I cannot live without meat and dairy and derivates. And I won't change my lifestyle for anyone. If the vegan partner allows me to keep my diet as is, I'm absolutely open to try and have a relationship with them. I'm even open to try and learn to cook some vegan dishes for them, absolutely. And i don't expect them to cook meat for me. What I'm not open to, is to have a potential partner berate me for my attitudes and try and force their diet on me.

  37. No. Whether or not I share their beliefs, anyone who considers life, the world about them, and their impact upon it, and shows compassion for other living things is dating gold and very likely a keeper

  38. Yes but only because I love food and a lot of my happiness is sharing good food with a partner. Half my friends are vegan, but I could never date one

  39. Depends. If they're just vegan, then no. You live your life. If they're annoying or they demand I have to become vegan as well, then yeah. Making demands before a relationship starts is a no-go.

  40. I dated a few vegans as a non vegan and ended up with one. Doesn't bother me at all and I'm now about 90% vegan for convenience at home (I do have a block of cheese and the occasional good egg).

  41. my boyfriend had been vegan for 5 years when we met, i ate everything. out of respect for him, i ate vegan anytime we were together, it wasn’t a big deal. i went vegan ~4 months after we started dating (he never asked me to, it was my own choice) because a) i love him and want to have a very long very happy relationship and it seemed like a good next step and b) he had opened my eyes to the atrocities and environmental impacts of animal agriculture. i’ve now been vegan for a year and couldn’t be happier.

  42. Fellow Male Vegan here. It doesn't seem to impact short term and more casual relationships quite as much. It helps when you live in a city with a lot of great vegan options to choose from. I run into issues when considering long term and serious relationships. I couldn't be in a serious relationship with a non vegan just because of the moral and ethical reasons.

  43. Yes, it is automatic left swipe. Optimally in a relationship people will be sharing responsibilities (including cooking food). And that would become a huge pain in the ass. I cook meals with meat for myself, she (in this case) cooks vegan meals for herself - it is not something I want in a relationship. I see eating food as one of the pleasures in life. Besides I love cooking (mostly meat based foods) and sharing food.

  44. Couldn’t you just cook the meat part separately and then just add it to the bases like pasta, rice vegetables, etc? I have dated people with the same and different diets as me and we still don’t share food because we have different preferences and I don’t like when people touch my plate while I’m eating anyways lol. It just seems like an odd thing to base a relationship around because what if somebody discovers they have an intolerance or if they want to lose/ gain some weight and decide to change up their diet? You can have the exact same diet and still like food seasoned completely different that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy eating meals together without eating the same thing.

  45. I have read through your initial query and the responses. You seem to be a very intelligent and interesting gentleman. I would have no problem dating a vegan provided they did not act like they were part of a cult. We all have our quirks, if you will. You seem to be most accommodating and conscious of others. I would date you in a heartbeat!

  46. My ex was a vegan and despite saying he did not care he did passive-aggressively make me feel bad about it. He also did not like it if I used our pans to make eggs. He was very stubborn with all his beliefs and never compromised in our relationship. I have come to associate that with veganism because I feel in order to succeed in being a vegan people have to be a bit non-compromising.

  47. I dated a vegan for a while and eventually broke up and our break up was partly due to our incompatibility around food. It’s been said before that sharing food and being adventurous really matters to some (me included).

  48. Yes. It’s a huge deal breaker. Unless you are doing it for heath reasons, it creates so much compatibility issues, not with just meal choices. Vegans are always on the lookout if EVERYTHING is vegan friendly. Literally. Even if clothes, phone accessories, household decor. Like why….i get the humanitarian reasons, but it really does signal as a huge red flag for ALOT of people.

  49. A bit, I really like the idea of cooking cakes, cookies, cupcakes, etc. so them not trying what I baked for them would really break my heart. I know I could use alternatives to replace the ingredients that are not vegan but it would absolutely change the taste and I don't want it. Going out to eat must also be a bit hard.

  50. I respect it. If they can cook their own meals or eat what I make then that’s cool. I prefer someone who is not though

  51. It's not a hard no but I'd definitely be more reluctant to date a vegan. Obviously I have no issue with people being vegans but I picture long term and the minor inconveniences around cooking two meals and other stuff around food as something I wouldn't really want to have to deal with.

  52. Not at all as a female. I respect and admire it but won’t tolerate being judged and I’ll eat what I damn we’ll want to when out. Although, if the respect is returned I’d be very respectful despite that comment. I would attempt to not eat meat around them. But no promises!

  53. Yes and no. Initially on a dating app, yes. I just don't see any reason to start something off already with an incompatibility when there are loads of omnivores to choose from. If it was someone I knew in person, odds are if I'm friends with them they're probably not going to be a dick about their veganism, so they would have already vetted themselves as a chill person.

  54. As long as you aren't pushy and don't try to make me feel guilty or less than for eating meat and i can eat meat infront of you, then it's all good

  55. As a vegetarian I would say not an issue, if veganism isn't their whole personality, the way it is with some very new vegans or people who misuse it as a religion, and consider themselves missionaries to the cause. I don't get the sharing food argument, since I don't like sharing my food in restaurants, unless it is one of those rotating table situations. But hands off my plate. Must be an American thing, it is considered obnoxious here. I don't eat at restaurants very often, but wouldn't mind going vegan at home for the most part. I would only really miss Parmesan, so when I lived with a vegan roommate that would be the only difference in our shared meals. I love to cook and having to cook vegetarian/vegan has made my palate more international than people who eat meat, but always the same 20 local dishes based on chicken, beef or pork.

  56. Yes. I cook a lot and having to make two things/adapt my recipes to fit a vegan diet can be very difficult. I tend to avoid dating vegans. This may not be the same for all, just my personal preference and opinion.

  57. I dated a girl who was vegan. It didn't really bother me at all, as I didn't mind cooking things for and with her, and eating at vegan food establishments is fine with me. However, she didn't like that I wasn't vegan, and that was one of the reasons she bailed from the relationship. Oh well.

  58. Definitely depends on the person. I am kind of a dirty vegetarian so if they will be bothered by me eating meat near them or talk about animal cruelty every time I put cheese in my won't work. But there are lots of options out there for restaurants and simple substitutes if we want to share meals so that wouldn't deter me. I would be excited to maybe learn new recipes! So it wouldn't stop me from swiping right but I may have some probing questions to make sure it wouldn't be an uncomfortable date (for both of us)

  59. People have stereotypes about vegans but they aren’t necessarily accurate. I’m vegetarian but not vegan and I’d date a vegan as long as they respected that there’s no way I’m going to become vegan, and I don’t want to raise kids vegan either.

  60. stereotypes don't do us vegans any favors that's for sure and that's why I decided to ask this question to all kinds of different people. I haven't thought about children yet and them being raised vegan because I am not educated enough to make that kind of decision. I was not raised vegan. I'm really up for everyone making their own choices in life.

  61. It depends how strict a vegan they are. Like I stopped being friends with someone because they refused to eat at any places that were not specifically vegan/vegetarian. And they didn't want to cook in same pans that meat had been cooked in, even if triple washed. They had a weird rule of not having any animal products in their house too. Like I went over for movie night and decided to have a cheese stick snack on my way there and I couldn't enter their house until I finished the cheese stick.

  62. The word vegan when meeting new people sometimes does get us judged. There are stereotypes we have to accept and live with. You sound really nice and really considerate. If don’t want to lie you shouldn’t have to, someone will like you for you!

  63. I too, am a foodie. However, if they plan the dates, (knowing what restaurants, they can eat at) and they are responsible for bringing food, for camping, picnics.etc) then it’s doable. Another thing is flexibility. My friend is a vegan and she is very go with the flow

  64. Dating a vegan wouldn't be my preference as I would prefer to be able to cook/share meals with my partner. It likely wouldn't be an absolute dealbreaker though.

  65. For me it would be a deal breaker as I love food, i love cooking, trying new things and I raise and slaughter my own chickens. I respect my vegan friends choices but it is not something I would intertwine with my day to day life but I am certain there are people who would not care. Just have to keep putting yourself out there. Perhaps join a vegan/vegetarian cooking class to meet other like minded individuals

  66. I would date a vegan and I’m totally okay with home cooked meals being vegan as well. Eating together is an important lifestyle choice for me. As long as my partner was okay with me eating animal products occasionally, it would be fine. I do not appreciate judgement over the food I eat so if it ever turned to that, I don’t think the relationship would work.

  67. If you would be interested in me cooking with you at one point (vegan of course). Then I don't see any big problems. I'm not giving my cheese up! But I love food and I like vegetarian food, and in a lot of recipes you can easily replace the diary products, so I would find it fun and exciting.

  68. Yes. Anyone Vegan or even vegetarian is an instant dealbreaker for me. I do respect most vegans, but they are simply not compatible with my lifestyle and a huge inconvenience when you consider how much of dating involves eating together!

  69. I have a question for you. I have a sister and a daughter who are both (long term)vegans but I woudn't be comfortable asking either of them this. Would you deeply kiss a woman who eats meat? If yes, how much time would have to pass, after she ate meat, for you to kiss her? Would you need her to brush her teeth first?

  70. I'm not vegan, but I've dated several men that are. I had no problems with it, except for one guy who tried to ban me from eating meat in his presence. As long as you aren't trying to control what your partner eats I think you will be fine.

  71. Not at all! I love trying new foods, so that would just be a bonus! As long as they don't go crazy and try to make veganism seem more "normal" than everything else. Also need my meat from time to time, so as long as I can be and eat whatever I want, that's totally fine with me

  72. Absolutely it puts me off them. Someone being vegetarian would put me off enough as well let alone being a vegan and all the more restrictions that entails. In the same ways that someone being religious would put me off.

  73. I’m a meat-eater and have this weird thing where a lot of my crushes have been vegan (I don’t go seeking them, I find out about it later lol). And actually I’m more worried that THEY will be turned off from ME because I eat meat.

  74. Well I just read a Reddit thread on here where a couple of vegans were attacking people with ridiculous questions about their food choices. Basically, don’t be an asshole, respect other peoples decisions, and don’t push your diet onto others. That pretty much goes for everyone.

  75. Yes. I have autoimmune conditions and my nutritionalist and medical treatment all came into agreement that I need to eat red meat and fish in my diet. I have to or else I feel absolutely horrible and can’t function. I was vegan before but it really messed up by body and made my condition worse. I have explained this to men/women I’ve dated and at some point, even if they say they don’t judge me, they do. Also I think a lot veganism is white centric and ableist. So yeah, not going down that route again.

  76. Yes. I cook a lot and it’s just too much of a hassle to figure out vegan meals. And also vice versa - I wouldn’t want my spouse cooking vegan food for me all the time, because I’m not vegan. Same for eating out as well

  77. How are the kids going to be raised? There’s the dating and also whether the person can see a future with you.

  78. Yes. When I was dating, someone being vegetarian or vegan would have been a no from me. I love cooking and eating all cuisines and it’s just not something I’m cool with sacrificing anymore. Especially because I live in an area that’s not very vegetarian/vegan friendly. Going out to eat for a date would be a nightmare.

  79. Yes. I love trying new foods and eating at new places. If I couldn't do that with my partner then we wouldn't have much quality time together.

  80. Yes. It’s both the food thing and the fact that a lot of vegans are way too militant for my liking. You might not be but what about your mates.

  81. I wouldn’t date someone that was a vegan because my family hates them and I love eating stuff like burgers and steak so every time I eat meat with them I would feel like a horrible person

  82. I'm vegetarian and would have a hard time dating a vegan. Like if you're a cool dude that loves outdoorsy things and we got along, great! But I'm talking about the vegans, like my cousins, who try to make me feel guilty for staying vegetarian.

  83. I would run the other way from a vegan. Haven't seen one yet that doesn't start preaching about speciesism and what not. Perhaps you wouldn't say something to a vegetarian, but if i were in front of you on date tearing into a steak? How'd you react?

  84. It wouldn't stop me, but I would be very upfront about the fact that I like eating out and trying new restaurants, so they would need to be OK with going out and seeing me eat non-vegan food.

  85. Lucky for you there are a lot more vegan women than men and many of them are exclusively looking for a vegan partner.

  86. Possibly if you would judge me about eating my juicy, grilled beef angus burgers. I would like my partner to enjoy the foods i do, so yeah possibly

  87. Best answer date another vegan , if you hate the killing of animals or the cruelty then how could you date somebody who’s okay with that . Sounds like a moral no no in my opinion lol

  88. I am probably more likely to pass on a vegan on a dating app than I am if I were to meet them in real life. I do eat vegetarian often and sometimes vegan, and when I do eat meat it’s usually fish, sometimes poultry and I try to buy as ethically sourced as I can. I am prone to anemia so not eating animal products is challenging. I don’t want my partner making comments or judging me because I’m eating eat meat or animal products.

  89. Honestly it’s not a positive, because I enjoy cooking and want to share my recipes and meals that I’ve developed with my SO. I was a vegetarian for about a decade, experienced the inconvenience and dietary obstacles, got the t-shirt, and don’t plan to do it again. I matched with a record number of vegans this year and had 2 “surprise I’m vegan” first dates shortly before meeting my non-vegan boyfriend. I do appreciate knowing someone is vegan beforehand. It’s not a total dealbreaker if the relationship has a lot of potential in other ways.

  90. If you are the exception to the joke "How do you tell if someone is a vegan? Don't worry, they'll tell you." Then you should be fine. If you're preachy about it and intend on converting someone you're dating to be vegan as well? Then that could be problematic.

  91. I’m pollo pescatarian and yes unfortunately it turns me off only because I feel so awkward eating fish or chicken in front of a vegan. I respect the choice of the vegan but for the relationship to be equal I feel like they deserve to date someone that shares that value.

  92. Some of these comments are really judgemental, keep doing you beautiful vegan man, someone will love you for it. :)

  93. Would absolutely turn me away. I've lived with dietary restrictions before and have had huge issues with it so I would never be able to live and have a family with someone who chooses that. A vegan and I just wouldn't be compatible. I'm fine with cooking vegetarian and vegan at times, but I'd expect my partner to share in the other meals as well. I wouldn't even date a picky eater unless they are at least able to eat it even if they don't enjoy it. I would quickly grow annoyed at someone who puts a hard restriction on the kinds of food we can share, so I don't see it ever working out.

  94. This hits home hard. My bf who I love very much is vegan and he is also lactose intolerance. I can deal with him not eating anything related to dairy, but him being vegan is a big issue I have. I tried to adjust but I am a big meat eater and my culture is also very big on meat and seafood. So, I am also worried that he is not get along with my family.

  95. I’d swipe left. I would prefer to date someone I can eat my favorite things with and go to my favorite restaurants with tbh. If they’re appalled at the concept of eating animals when I LOVE ribeyes then that’s just an uncomfortable disconnect I don’t want to deal with

  96. Depends if it’s ethical or medical veganism I guess. If it’s medical I’d work around that but if it’s ethical veganism I wouldn’t want to date them, cos I don’t have the same moral perspective and I don’t want my partner to look down on me as someone who supports slavery and murder of animals when I believe that there’s nothing wrong with predatory species eating their prey.

  97. As a female I would never date a guy that’s a vegan. To me it’s a red flag and signifies other things. The only time I understand is if it’s health related. Overall it’s a dealbreaker for me. My family gets together to have bbq’s and we have meat, I’m Arab and Mexican- it’s basically a major food group. Personally can’t do it.

  98. Yes. It makes me feel like I have to walk on eggshells (no pun intended) when around them. Restaurant dates are a nightmare and, if things got serious and we moved in/got married, the limited cooking menu that we could share would make me go mad and the “ethical” products (shampoos, detergent, etc) would also drive me crazy. Sorry, but I like sharing my steak with my date and using my non-vegan deodorant because I know the strong, sweat-proof scent will last up to 24 hours

  99. Yes. I'll be friends with them, one of my college buddies is a vegan, but I could never date one. It's not that I like only eat meat it's just not compatible with my lifestyle.

  100. It really depends how said vegan would act. Maybe don’t use it as a label I feel that’s a huge deterrent for me personally if someone is immediately like “im a vegan!!” 🤦🏻‍♀️

  101. Yes for me I’m not even gonna be friends with vegans as I like cooking and share my food with people I love. And it’s likely that you have different beliefs and values from me, so it’s definitely not gonna work out.

  102. Vegetarian is fine, but vegan would be very hard for me. I like sharing my baked goods with loved ones and vegan pastries, cake and cookies just don’t taste and good as ones with butter and eggs

  103. Yea bro. Maybe find a a vegan girl. But I don’t think girls will want that. Limited choices going out to get food.

  104. I dated someone who was vegan and we had to cook twice the food (for her and myself) and it was a constant challenge even going out to eat.

  105. Don’t let it discourage you bro, I’ve gone on dates with both vegan and non vegan girls who were respectful of my choice. We have less options because most people will overlook us which is fine that’s their choice but my advice is don’t mention it unless/ until they ask because then you sound like you’re trying to guilt/educate/change them.

  106. I personally wouldn't date a vegan because at the end of the day your values are not my values and if we can not agree to it it will eventually become an issue.

  107. It would be a hard no for me. I love meat dishes and couldn't see myself long term with someone who dosent eat meat. But im sure their are other people out their that would love that.

  108. Yep. I wouldn't date a vegan. Too difficult finding places to eat, it'll get expensive cooking/ having to make different meals together every time. I'd rather just avoid it all together.

  109. Being vegan itself isnt a turn off, no. It's usually the stuff that usually comes with being a vegan that people tend to be put off by. Vegans in general are preachy and stand on a percieved moral high ground telling people with standard diets how they are murderers and all that. (If you are not familiar with this trend, that vegan teacher is a good example. People view vegans like the dietary peta) I find that with most life choices, as long as you are okay with others not being like you without preaching at them, you're good and shouldnt have much of any problems.

  110. I can’t quite answer your question but as a vegan, I would say in my experience the non-vegan people I’ve dated had more of a problem with it than I have. Kind of a bummer. But I’m now with someone (non-vegan, non-vegetarian) who respects my choice and always tries to accommodate my diet which is a breath of fresh air and very much appreciated.

  111. If i can eat meat in front of them and they don't say anything about it I don't have a problem, if they do it's a huge red flag.

  112. Guess what, I have travelled all over the world too, as a vegetarian since birth and been invited to countless family homes. And they all had something I could eat, sometimes they made an extra effort for me, sometimes they didn't need to, because many cultures already have vegetables with every meal. Or their religion actually dictates veganism/vegetarianism, so there are plenty of vegetarian dishes in their standard repertoire. I still had the cultural experience of sharing a meal. Even in Thailand.

  113. Yes, huge dealbreaker. I love cooking and it would be just a hassle to include a Vegan into my life. I always swipe left regardless of how interessting the profile is. Vegeterian is ok, but beging Vegan is so much more...

  114. Having dated a woman who had a gluten intolerance, it did constrain our meal choices, and it would have been so much nicer to be able to share food without such constraints. In her case, it was a medical condition, so it was something we just had to deal with, but if it was simply a preference, it would be an additional source of incompatibility.

  115. Yes, it’s a deal breaker for me if I really think about it. One of my friends is a hardcore vegan and i could never travel with her. So I can’t imagine a partner who’s vegan. Food is so significant when learning about a new place and it’s better when it’s a shared experience. And most of the world isn’t vegan-friendly.

  116. Vegetarian is different. If the OP’s question was about dating a vegetarian, I think the answers would be more positive. But vegan is much more challenging, particularly when it comes to eating out.

  117. Yes, i can't be with someone who draws the line at killing a cow, but has no problems with thousands of insects, birds, rodents, etc. being killed during the production of their vegan food products.

  118. The idea is to minimize harm. We live in a would where suffering and death is inevitable. If I could stop all those animals being killed in the process, I would, but what are we supposed to do? Grow all our own food? It's not always feasible.

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