I hate the lack of empathy when it comes to discussions about dating.

  1. I think it’s nuanced. Sometimes both things are true like there’s a general lack of self esteem or inability to accept when someone is incompatible with them. But there could be more accountability for the manipulators/ghosters/ect but they aren’t the ones posting.

  2. Yeah I feel like when I want to vent about my dating problems no one listens or cares I'm just told to move on (yet they want me to listen to their problems so I do the exact same to them when it's their turn :) if I want advice or to vent I go on Reddit

  3. Sometimes no reaction is the best reaction of all. Venting is supposed to be an outlet. Sometimes things can’t be fixed and there a need to just be heard and held or comforted. If you’re venting, you’re not asking for an opinion or validation or for someone to pick a side. I could be wrong. It’s happened once or twice.

  4. Many people are emotionally detached because of the pain that has been inflicted on them. That doesn't make them wrong for being detached, or you more right for being unattached. Or vice versa. We are all products of our experiences. You can read others' experiences without feeling as jaded as they feel, that's not a difficult adult thing to do. It's just hearing what other people have been through, taking the information in, and proceeding as you feel you need to. They may have VERY different feelings than you do, it doesn't make them lacking in empathy, nor does it make them (or you) right or wrong about how to handle a situation. It's just information, dude.

  5. When I say lacking in empathy I just mean people who dismiss the feelings of or ridicule those who are more emotionally attached. I definitely understand the flip side of being detached and jaded as well.

  6. I got the chance to tell my ex how much he really hurt me all he said "you want me to feel guilty?" YES. where's the love and respect

  7. He doesn't give a fuck. He told you this to your face and you still seek validation from him. Have some self respect. That's why he doesn't feel guilty. He has no incentive to respect you because you won't respect yourself. One of the greatest, if not the greatest epiphanies I've ever had is that the world doesn't give a fuck about you. And it's not supposed to. The world. People. Only give a fuck about what you're offering them. And because relationships are transactional, every relationship has a power dynamic. If you aren't in a position to dictate the terms of a relationship, you will have them dictated to you. Now I can say all this, but this was my awakening. Not yours. So I don't expect you to understand it right away... But someday you will.

  8. Last time I checked, we all have free will and our emotions and feelings are ours alone. Nobody is responsible for your emotional well being. We all make choices.

  9. I really think sometimes people need tough love, especially when they keep making the same mistakes. I can't just pat a friend on the back. I think it's part of my duty to help them see what's going on clearly so they don't make that same mistake again. I expect them to do the same for me.

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