[OC] US GDP Per Capita 2022

  1. GDP per capita isn't really income per capita though. North Dakota has pretty low income per capita, but they have a crap ton of mineral wealth that corporations get to claim, for example.

  2. Crazy thing is how Mississippi is ahead of a vast majority of the rest of the world. I forget where I saw it, but there was a map with all the countries in the world with a lower GDP per capita than Mississippi. It was like 96% of the world

  3. Maybe it's coz they counted money using Mississippis. Like 1 Mississippi 2 Mississippi and got bored after 50k

  4. And they’re all fine with that. Mississippi is a leach on this country. They take sooooo much federal aid and, as you can see here, offer little to nothing in return. I grew up there and can tell you that large majority do not think data is beautiful.

  5. I assumed Wisconsin since he played for the packers but apparently it was Mississippi. The state with the lowest GDP. That’s the state that Brett Farve stole federal money aimed at alleviating hunger to its poorest citizens.

  6. Yeah but the cost of living is crazy so it's not like everyone there is living a super luxurious life. I have a friend who lives in upstate New York and even though her family made like double what my family made growing up, their house was probably half the size of my childhood home. That house in New York would probably cost like 5 times what it costs in my state.

  7. The new colour for over $100K on the map does make it look a bit more of a difference than it actually is though. It's actually only narrowly over that margin at 102K pc —Massachusetts is 97K pc and North Dakota is 96.5K pc.

  8. Crazy that the poorest state - Mississippi has a higher per capita than many European countries, including the UK. That is not to say that the average Brit has a significantly worse living standard than Mississippians, certainly not after accounting for healthcare and other goodies.

  9. True but if you take into account state programs the US still comes way out ahead of pretty much every EU country. So at the end of the day not much actually changes.

  10. The government does not make life better for its citizens. At best it can make life worse for some citizens to make it a little better for other citizens, but often what is seen as making life better does the exact opposite.

  11. Eh, there are a lot of other factors that go into real purchasing power or cost of living indexes than income. Example: US pays 2x for health care per capita. That's like $6-8k right there.

  12. This is why GDP per capita is a poor assessment within a country. Cost of living should also be included.

  13. I live in Idaho and I'm so lucky that I bought my home (that I'd be perfectly happy living in until I'm too old to take care of it) 10 years ago. The last few months home prices have dropped a bit, but still a perfectly average home in an average neighborhood is 350k in my area. No way I could be where I am for anywhere near what I paid for it. Now if I can only manage to afford the property taxes lol

  14. This map would be great if it included cost of living, so you would understand where you are actually making more, if someone has time or the skills please make it! (Also for Europe would be cool)

  15. How come we didn't plot Europe on here too like we usually do? No data for that? I'm sure they're kicking our asses like always, right?

  16. Once we figured out how to get at the oil in the Williston basin, we had a nice little oil boom. I know the whole “fracking bad” thing but now that the oil boom has slowed the state is sitting on several billion dollars to hopefully fix shit with

  17. Not sure where this data came from, but the number for NY the past several uears was 76k. For it to be over 100K now per capita implies it grew by over 24% in 2022.

  18. And most of NY State’s GDP is generated in that dirty crime ridden socialist city called New York City run by Democrats. Ain’t it funny?

  19. Sorry, I can't hear you from inside my four bedroom house I got for $200k. Were you saying something about us being miserable or something again?

  20. I’m disappointed in MA not being #1. I bet if it was just the Eastern half it would be. Time to give Western MA to CT and VT. It’s practically part of those states already

  21. People from northern Iowa like to say that if the Iowa-Missouri border was moved north to put southern Iowa in Missouri, it would raise the average intelligence of both states.

  22. These comments are funny. Let's divide a country in its rich and poor parts and compare them to whole countries. You can divide any country into its rich and poor parts and try to push whatever narrative you want.

  23. I'd rather be in Mississippi than New York at least people are probably very happy down there compared to New York it's the worst state

  24. When did NY surge past to become the richest? For the longest time, poorer upstate cities and towns balanced out NYC's might.

  25. It’s better to spend 30% of your $100k income on housing than it’s to spend 30% on $50k income. You still more money at the end of the day.

  26. Mmm that’s good too. I live near Boston but technically work in PIttsburgh. I’ve always thought about whether it would be justified to ask for a raise due to the vast difference in cost of living (lived in Pittsburgh but had to move to MA). Anyone have experience with that?

  27. I’m a bit of a noob to data science and presentation but I think the way this data is presented will lead to a bias in how people interpret it. There’s a stark change in the colors between 60k-70k and those below it leading the monkey brain we all have to immediately assume that they (lower ranking states) are much worse off GDP wise than they actually are. I’ll grant they’re bad but I would’ve presented the data much differently. Again I’m new to this so I’m open to being wrong

  28. I tend to agree with you - I would've chosen a single color with gradients or potentially draw the color change at above/below the poverty line and depicted it as the zip code level.

  29. Be a cop. They earn 60k+ on the low end starting out in broward country. No degree needed. And you get to beat people up. Dilute their wages by joining them. Why let your tax money go to shit people? You could take it yourself.

  30. The cost of living is so insanely high in NYC that any company that wants to do business there has to offer insanely high salaries, and the state is governed by a pretty liberal group, so tax rates tend to be high to support infrastructure and social programs.

  31. Meanwhile, if Apple were a government it would have a market cap larger than 96% of country GDPs, (including Italy, Brazil and Canada).

  32. As a European I expected Florida, Oregon and Michigan to perform better. Especially Florida, isn't it like super expensive to life there?

  33. It's actually where a lot of folks retire - the taxes there are extremely low. As long as you're not trying to live directly on the coast or in a resort town, the cost of living is pretty low. Plus, a good chunk of it is a swamp.

  34. I don’t understand why people publish this crap when it is obviously bad data. I don’t think I have ever seen one of these that makes sense.

  35. I spent most of my life in West Virginia and have literally never heard that saying, but yeah, Mississippi really is the ONLY reason they're not last in everything.

  36. Some of those states have very low populations, so places like Wyoming have a higher per capital number probably due to the wealth generated by mining and the like.

  37. So D.C. sure does look like it's full of "public" servants, huh. It's almost like being in the government makes you rich.

  38. The actual government employees get paid fairly modestly. The average gets pulled upwards by all the consultants and contractors who technically don’t work for the government but essentially do get rich off our tax dollars.

  39. What does per capita even mean in our capitalist systems? I mean, i could live a mile away from a billionaire, still be hitting a food pantry. That’s America for you.

  40. What kind of question is this? Per capita just tells you how much money is generated/exchanged per person in that area. This map isn’t commenting on cost of living or quality of life

  41. Inspite of the nice purple ($100,000) color, so much of northern NY is an economic wasteland. Too many of the northern cities were highly dependent on a single industry or employer that no longer exists.

  42. Exactly! I hate statistics which assume splitting geography by state makes sense (ex: median home price for each state). NYC is worlds apart from the small towns upstate.

  43. Isn’t New York higher due to the companies trading on the S&P and NASDAQ and filing their returns from there? Because I’d assume salaries in Cali are generally higher not just in tech, but in most fields, given how productive the economy is.

  44. Most of the usual suspects are in the brown and red. LA, FL & MO can mostly be attributed to entertainment & vice industries - casino, crypto and other things. Was expecting GA to be darker, as Atlanta is a legitimate powerhouse.

  45. How is North Dakota almost one of the most expensive places up there with California, I just moved from there to Minnesota, and it's not that expensive in Fargo? One of if not the largest Cities in the State!!!!!

  46. Would be a better illustration if it was GDP per debt ratio by state. Which states actually are positive??? CA is negative and I think so is NY

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