[OC] Sound pressure and intensity in water, as the excitation frequency sweeps from 0.5 to 4 MHz.

  1. that's one of the coolest things I've ever seen.... and so a question that occurs, is what does that look like pumped through a colloid? Also, thanks for the creative inspiration.

  2. Well, depending on the density (and size) of the particles, it may not look much different. If I had to model a colloid, I would probably simply adjust the density of the fluid as a first pass.

  3. Cool graph! As I 'm not familiar with this , I thought that sounds was a pressure wave, and a more intense sound meant a more intense pressure wave. Can you clarify how those two are different? I'm thinking intensity might also account for constructive and destructive interactions, but I'm assuming pressure wave would too

  4. Wow, this is amazing. Thanks for sharing. Did you write a paper about this? Or you just like to play around :D

  5. It’s fascinating to see the intensity peaks vs frequency (dispersions?) and side-lobing - I presume this is from an array.

  6. It's a stretch calling anything that high in frequency sound isn't it? To be sound, doesn't it need to be audible?

  7. Anything over 20 kHz is termed ultrasound, which is still part of the acoustic spectrum. Just because humans can't hear it doesn't mean it isn't sound. Sound (acoustics) is simply pressure fluctuations in a medium, regardless of frquency.

  8. Most definitely a stretch... Ultrasound Pressure/Intensity just didn't sound right, and I thought laypeople may be confused by Acoustic Pressure/Intensity. But, you still hear people in acoustics talk about "sound" as just a general pressure wave.

  9. The sound pressure is oscillating between positive and negative values. The red in the plot is positive and the blue is negative. As this is just a steady-state representation, you can think of the red and blue changing at the rate of the excitation frequency. 1 MHz = 1 us.

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