[OC] Politics Thursday: Lauren Boebert reimbursed herself in 2020 for roughly 39,000 miles traveling in her car. This shows that she could have visited every town in her district 16 times, spending over 1000 hours driving.

  1. Please please please do this for all politicians. I'd love if the world started exposing the bullshit they've been getting away with for decades.

  2. Please donate to those analyzing the data. They are doing the hard work and putting their reputations, families and lives on the lines. There is a pac funding going after her and all the other cancer congressional members. I'm not sure what the rules are here but a quick Google should lead to to the right place to keep funding this stuff

  3. Perhaps it helps some people not too deep down. I'm afraid some will start to try justify it if their team does it and for them it will just decrease their emotional reaction to corruption.

  4. That seems like a lot, but I don't have any context. how does it compare to the average congress person in a district with roughly similar land area?

  5. I was actually trying to provide some context here. It does seem like a lot. But, it is a really big district. At 60 mph, that's 650 hours in a car.

  6. There is a big thing most people are missing when they talk about how much they drive. That 39,000 miles has to be ONLY for campaigning. Is 39k total miles driven in a year doable? Absolutely. I've put close to 30k on my company vehicle and probably close to 10k on my personal vehicle in a single year. But that was all my driving including vacation road trips that were around 2500 miles.

  7. Only one person has reimbursed more than her in less time. A Republican candidate from CA who also paid herself $25k for childcare and a friend $36k and then $17k in mileage on top of 3k for cabs for a district that is 175 square miles.

  8. The point is that doing so many round trips in such a short amount of time is pretty highly unlikely, especially considering that most of the year they're in DC.

  9. I travelled 30k miles one year. I lived about 25 miles from work, so that was 50 miles a day. Plus I did a lot of long trips on weekends.

  10. Yeah, I doubt she is even close to the worst offender, and I'd imagine this is FAR from a blue or red issue. Just like the insider trading. But it's Reddit ... so.

  11. I had a boss like this. Would literally submit a number and they would reimburse because accounting didn’t want to deal with him.

  12. The amount she received was approximately $20,000 which just so happened to be nearly the same amount she owed in liens on her restaurant around that same time. Right after she was reimbursed, the liens got paid off.

  13. You can only put so much in a title... and all of 2020 is less than 4/1/20 - 11/7/20, so I figured I'd round up to not make it look as bad.

  14. Her husband (the one who wags his Willie at the bowling alley among other questionable behaviors) made close to half a million dollars in 2019 and 2020 (not sure about 21 on) as an energy “consultant” whatever that is.

  15. This should be verifiable..... cars have computers, security cameras, etc.... There are many other ways to verify if she really visited all of these places when she said she did...or not. Simple, just time consuming.

  16. There is literally nothing a Republican on a general ticket could do to lose a Republican vote. Bill Barr even admitted tfg was incompetent, unfit and a threat to the rule of law but he would still vote for him if he made it to the GE

  17. Turns out she’s secretly a computer scientist (you can tell by the glasses) and she has been working on solving the classic “traveling hooker” problem.

  18. I'd actually never seen anything about this until someone pointed it out in a comment on a previous post. Thus, I thought it might be interesting to explore.

  19. Is Boebert on Reddit's hit list lately? I've seen way too many post about her outside of political subs.

  20. It's Politics Thursday here... I got no idea what other people are posting or saying. And, until someone pointed it out in a comment on a previous post here, I'd never heard of this "controversy." I honestly just wanted to see if it could at all be possible. And, my assessment is, yes it could be possible, but it doesn't seem plausible.

  21. I saw someone say she must have pulled a cawthorn and now the GOP are out for blood. Idk what she did specifically, for cawthorn it was the “cocain fueled orgies” comment. But it is interesting to see so many posts about her recently.

  22. I’m a videographer and I’ve done some work for political campaigns. On one, I followed along with a guy running for congress for 3 days and put over 1200 miles on my car. Honestly, 39,000 miles might be a little inflated but I definitely wouldn’t say it’s an absurd number for an election year.

  23. This was reimbursed from campaign funds, not government funds. Thus, it should have only been spent while campaigning in her district.

  24. That is a lot of miles. I’m a pizza driver, I work 6 days a week, and I don’t put that many miles on my car.

  25. For those interested in this kind of thing, I would HIGHLY recommend checking out the Little Sis organization (opposite of Big Brother). Idk if links are allowed but if you google it, they’ll pop right up. They investigate political corruption and such. Amazing org

  26. I drove full time as a Door Dash driver for two years, spending just about all day, every day driving in my car. I only drove about 20,000 miles.

  27. That seems like the type of thing we should be requiring all elected officials to do. They are representatives of the people that voted for them after all.

  28. Pity she didn’t just keep driving into the Grand Canyon or somewhere similar never to be seen or heard of again and take MGT wth her too

  29. She probably confused the mileage she incurred while she was an escort with the mileage incurred as a representative. She definitely did more work as an escort, but at least there the people were served. At least she’s good at one of those things. Definitely something to fall back on(quite literally ) if the other stuff doesn’t Work out.

  30. And when Republicans refuse to hold their traitors and morons accountable for any thing they themselves turn into these things. Only traitors and morons would defend a literal traitor and moron.

  31. Stuff like this is typically an added zero. I have done it on claim forms before. Still, beautiful animation and if she really is holding on to the claim it would be good evidence she was full of shit.

  32. Someone mentioned her mileage in a comment on another post of mine, so I decided I'd explore it a bit. It is a big district, but 39,000 is a lot of miles. My takeaway: it's possible, but not plausible.

  33. Any chance she travelled by car to and from DC? Or that she maybe reimbursed her travel INSIDE DC while working? Is this number above the congressional average? How much? The assumption here that all car travel occurred in her home state seems to be a dubious one at best.

  34. She didn’t live in dc, she also can’t reimburse that for campaigning. It’s split between 2 vehicles, her personal vehicle and a delivery van. She only visited a handful of cities in her constituency and the claimed mileage reimbursement oddly matches up with the exact amount she owed on a lien. If we wanted to play devils advocate that delivery van would have had to make a trip to each of those cities/towns 10-12 times assuming they went less efficient ways, so it’s bloated by probably double the actual mileage they put on.

  35. Wait and didn’t she almost kill some of her family in a 4 wheeling accident? That she then covered up?

  36. She is just a terrible person in about every freaking way. I don't really take sides and hate most Reddit opinions but Boebert is just terrible.

  37. She’s a traitor and hypocrite trying to strip away rights she herself had used and taken advantage of. She claims to be in the family values cult but was an escort for Republicans and had several abortions from her work as an escort. None of these things are bad in their own right minus the literal acts of sedition she’s carried out. She and the rest of the Republican traitors like Cawthorn are having their dirty little secrets aired because Americans are tired of traitors.

  38. It's because the group that went after Madison Cawthorn (The American Muckrakers PAC) is now after her. A smear campaign, which she is now suing about for false information. Its pretty effective so far as you can see that same misinformation spread here daily. What they don't realize is that bad publicity is still publicity. Millions of people who never knew of her before now do. She's only one of 7 reps from Colorado (1 of 435 in the nation), but now this rep from a tiny district in Colorado has a world stage to voice her views. This should not be national news. It's up to the people in her district to decide what they want. No matter what reddit thinks of her, she represents her district, not all of us. This is exactly what the house is for. So everyone has a voice, not just the majority. They are extremely nervous about the red wave coming this election cycle so they have to try everything they can

  39. I really don't do Reddit... so... I got no idea what other people are posting. Someone mentioned this a few days ago on another post here, and I waited until Thursday (for political posts here) to post this.

  40. So 8 round-trips to D.C. (which definitely would have happened by plane and assuredly didn't happen during the pandemic) plus her day-to-day. Nothing like good ol tax fraud.

  41. To be fair, 39,000 isnt just for her and is kinda low if they went to Washington. Its for the staff as well; each vehicle. So if 10-12 people go to Washington from Colorado can equate a lot of mileage if they wanted to.

  42. She should not be spending campaign funds outside her district. And, my understanding is that these are just HER mileage reimbursements. Her staff would submit their own if they have them.

  43. No one is "ignoring" anything. Examining specific claims made by a specific person in a specific context doesn't mean giving anyone else doing similarly shady things a pass.

  44. Or everything she mailed or bought to mail or anything else had the drive counted, or she drove well outside the region for various reasons, I don't assume the worst -- however, if you're going to do this, rather than picking on one person, I'm all for you doing it to every person in congress :-)

  45. Now set this to Yackety Sax, turn it into a political ad and run it on the daily starting in October, but instead of miles, have it ring up the dough and the alleged mileage with a cash register sound every time she passes go. Even better if the car has to stop to catch its breath periodically. Then at the end VO "There must be an easier way for a Congressperson to make $25000. Isn't there, Lauren."

  46. Interesting. Seeing how In 2020 there was a lock down, quarantines, no contact everything. And yet she did 39,000 miles? Bullshit sis.

  47. It's only going to worse until November. Political discourse nowadays seems to be, "throw any allegation they can stick in the media for a cycle and have our sycophants in social media like OP spam it out until enough dummies believe it."

  48. I'm pretty sure that's all public knowledge. He's held some tech stocks for a very long time. Wish I'd not sold AAPL in 1999 for a house down payment...

  49. Ya that press release was 8 kinds of bullshit. I can't stand the woman, but I hate lies even more. I'm in her district and from her county. One of the places where she supposedly had an abortion doesn't even have an abortion clinic, and never has, but only local people know that. One of the photos posted wasn't even of her, it was of Mellissa Carone. A couple sexy selfies is not proof that someone us a sex worker, if it were all of Instagram would have to be shut down.

  50. I'm still waiting on that Trump health care policy... oh, and the infrastructure bill that was constantly around the corner.

  51. Lauren Bobert is a moron, but I am getting so tired of seeing criticism of politicians for repaying themselves for a loan to their campaign. It happens, so if you don't want it to happen, don't donate to their campaigns. Stop acting like it is some illegal, immoral, or unethical practice because every politician, regardless of party does it.

  52. I mean, if Boebert being voted “dumbest member of Congress” turns you on, you do you. I still don’t think she’s going to fuck you though.

  53. I’m guessing this is related to that ad that accused her of being a prostitute or something? Is she up for re-election?

  54. I've never seen any accusations of her being a prostitute but it seems to be prevalent around here. She's a representative; she's always up for re-election.

  55. To be fair, I doubt she’d take such a highly optimized route, The Traveling Simpleton would be zigging and zagging all over.

  56. I mean I put 25k miles on my car last year, and my job isn't visiting constituents all over my state. It annoys me when people go overboard criticizing people who validly deserve criticism for things that are actually bad

  57. I have no idea if she did or didn't. Just showing how much driving around her district she'd need to do to accumulate 39,000 miles.

  58. Fraud and crime is rampant. When you become a victim of monetary fraud who will help you if our leaders sanction fraud. We’re lead into darkness.

  59. Are we surprised that a former hooker that had been elected to congress to be a yes woman would lie about the number of miles that she tries to get reimbursed for?

  60. Former governor Taft, of Ohio, got busted for ethics violations. The state dealt with it by making all state employees do extra ethics trainings. No consequences for the man who did it.

  61. And what exactly will she have to atone for? Politicians seem to have a get out of jail free card. As long as she’s “owning the libs” she’ll get re-elected in her redneck corner of the woods. Losers

  62. Why do they get reimbursed for car usage? To my understanding, you could only write off as an itemized deduction if the vehicle is used in the process of your work, and does not include commute.

  63. I swear this woman was a CIA plant from the get go. There’s no way someone can actually be this comically incompetent

  64. Can we talk for a moment about that profile of hers on that sugardaddy dating site that someone found, complete with a profile and pictures?

  65. I send her tweets offering to lick her butthole all the time, I figured that's the kind of trashy shit she's into. She hasn't responded yet, but the mission continues!

  66. It is entirely possible to rack up 40,000 miles a year driving for work, and not be a trucker. What exactly do you think this data *proves*?

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