[OC] By Request, An 'Optimal' Solution To A Round-Trip Tour Through Every County Seat In The U.S.

  1. Does optimal solution exist for NP-Hard *edit problems such as this one ? I’m still quite confused with this concept

  2. You can find "good" solutions but there's really no way to check how good it is, afaik. The problem is you'd have to check 3000! different paths.

  3. Amusing. How much better is it than your dumb algorithm, and your best attempt programming it yourself?

  4. The key difference appears to be not leaving any blanks, and then coming back near the starting point for the finish. The difference is only ~20%, which isn't bad.

  5. As a computer scientist I strongly disagree with the headline. Even in quotation marks 'optimal' is misleading. Without a formal proof from any exact solver like

  6. As a mechanical engineer, I strongly disagree with your assessment of my headline. I clearly stated it was AN optimal solution. And, for some distance metric, it would be THE optimal solution.

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