[OC] Deaths from COVID-19 in the U.S. for each county since the start of the pandemic through the end of April 2022.

  1. I could do that. What's your threshold for rural and urban? Has to be by county. Maybe use population density since counties vary in area greatly.

  2. Why do probabilities have to deal with future outcomes? This is the probability a random person has died from COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic.

  3. How are the odds calculated? Count of deaths per case? Any vaccination factors incorporated in? Neat animation!

  4. Does this just include COVID deaths or does it also include deaths over expected to make up for incompetence and Republican psychotic belligerence?

  5. It's simply the death rate = deaths/population normalized so that the numerator is 1. So, in a county where the odds are 1 in 500, one in 500 people have died from COVID. I like presenting it this way because I think it hits home a little better than saying 0.02%. Obviously, these odds vary greatly across the population, but this is the overall average.

  6. One county still has not had any covid cases (although one was stopped from entering the settlement thanks to the very effective quarantine period). Kalawao County, Hawaii

  7. Would love to see the comparison between the 2020 presidential election map by county and the final screen of this graph.

  8. I’m curious how many of these actually died from heart disease or something else and post-mortem were found to have COVID so that the hospital could receive federal funding?

  9. Just take a look at the excess death statistics (and it's hard to miscount deaths) and you'll see that deaths caused by COVID are probably somewhat undercounted.

  10. Our president who claimed to follow science has stopped following science. Which means I’m in the clear to not are. Right?? Meanwhile, I hate if I wear my mask that a bunch of people stare at me like I’m an idiot

  11. I’d be curious to see this in relationship to the county’s total population. I think it’d look very different

  12. Makes you wonder if we would be in a better place quality of life wise, economically, housing prices, mental health etc if we just bit the bullet and didn't shut down. Classic example of sacrificing the many to save the few.

  13. I doubt it. COVID was going to severely disrupt the economy regardless. And one benefit (IMO) of shutting down was that it pushed the work from home movement ahead by many years.

  14. This is total deaths due to covid / total population of county, I guess. Would be interesting to deaths in past 10 days vs populatiion of county, to see how the waves started and receded

  15. See my comments about excess deaths debunking that. It's like "massive" voter fraud. Does voter fraud happen? Yes. On a massive scale? No.

  16. Why do you think Trump was advocating for his groupies to be vaccinated? If 90% of people that die are not vaccinated, 90% of Democrats are vaccinated, and 55% of Republicans are, it's not hard to do the math on that.

  17. These numbers are astounding. One in 200, that means 1/2% of the population of that county died on that day. I'm surprised there's any population left.

  18. It's almost like the beginning of the shots correlate exactly to the increase of deaths...but that's just an honest and very logical observation. I don't expect logic to be used here

  19. Yea, and... there are ALWAYS people dying in a war "right now" and there's really nothing I can do about it.

  20. It is also said that people who died WITH COVID-19 also had other health complications. Most health problems are because of poor diet. Actual coronavirus deaths alone are a fraction of what was reported.

  21. See my comments about excess deaths for my take on this crap about hospitals using COVID for financial gain. Do you have any idea of how many people would have to be involved (from nurses to doctors to administrators to accountants) for this to happen?

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