[OC] A more detailed look at people leaving California from 2015-2019.

  1. Don't worry- climate change will probably drive people to Detroit in the near future. The whole Great Lakes region is expected to become a climate migration epicenter.

  2. I don't know man, I know some pretty cool artists from Detroit who have pretty cool workspaces because so much was vacated there when the factories closed. Yeah, the weather is harsh, but the people are talented because of it. You guys get stuck inside all winter and some people develop some pretty cool talents

  3. I won’t leave you bro. I’ll take mild flooding and mosquitoes over extreme traffic, droughts and raging fires.

  4. I wouldn't trade Michigan for California. I have traveled all over the US for work and I'm still happy to call Michigan home.

  5. Good. South East Michigan hasn’t had as big of a housing bubble as everywhere else. I’d rather a slow recovery than artificial inflation of housing causing by rich kids looking for the next party spot.

  6. Detroit would be a breath of fresh air compared to that shithole called California. If the U.S. were going to get an enema, the nozzle would be stuck in San Francisco.

  7. Not a Michigander anymore, but noticed this about my city as well. Deliberately went as far north as I could to get away from everybody lol.

  8. Yea I strongly dislike that this tricks you into think the gif is a time lapse from 2015 to 2019 when really the "time" element of the gif is entirely arbitrary.

  9. The number that went to Boston. Those folks: "I liked the high cost of living and all the laws, but it was too warm and sunny, the roads were too well engineered, and the people were way too nice."

  10. Hey I'm one of these dots, we left San Jose in 2018 for the Boston area. We just had a kid and we wanted to be closer to family wife found a job here and yeah... it's been a lot better even if its not really cheaper.

  11. The first time I went to Boston was in 2007, I had tickets to the Sox Indians ALCS game 7, the deciding game to see who would go to the World Series. I didn't want to waste any time, I flew into Logan and took the train and then the Green Line right to Fenway. I got off on the Fenway stop and holy fuckin shit, I thought I was in a movie. I kept looking around like, is someone filming or something? These guys are laying it on thick right? Nope, thats how those fuckers talk, all the fuckin time. Guy was like Ahhh yooooowwww wicked pissah of a game thatoutabe, you boooo dose bums dose guys dats Cleveland ahhh already peoples eveverywhere, I pahhhhhhhked my cahhhhhhhhh just to get a pizzer and they wanted fuckin $40 dahhhhhlaaaaahs fawk outttta heeeyaaaa.

  12. As a native Bostonian living in the Bay Area I can totally see it. Boston is a place where you can get paid virtually the same as the Bay Area and although the city is super expensive since, you can find affordable houses in the suburbs. In addition to that you have better public schools for your kids, better healthcare, better public services in general for example the streets are kept very clean instead of the highways and city streets if SF being littered with trash everywhere.

  13. I'm from Boston and my girlfriend is from northern California. We currently live in southeast Michigan and are moving to Boston in a few months. This is a conversation we have daily.

  14. As someone who currently lives in California and who has previously lived in various other major cities… the roads here are a mess. No California city is planned particularly great, but whoever designed Los Angeles should be barred from any decision making ever again.

  15. I don't think people in the NE are not nice, they are just straightforward and blunt, we don't care for social politeness, we aren't trying to be rude, we just don't want to bother with pointless conversation.

  16. Lol the amount of people I know who moved from NYC to California during this time... I think everyone just swapped places.

  17. People don't realize just how many folks live in California and why when California does anything it's going to have huge numbers.

  18. Idaho has a pretty small population, so small percentage of Californians is a ton for Idaho. Boise real estate is among the fastest rising in the country

  19. Here in Colorado it depends on where you live. Up in Denver you're not going to see as much in the way of California residents. But down in Colorado Springs they are all over.

  20. I think from the perspective of a native Idahoan, we've been so used to a low population for decades, that we weren't ready for the population boom and maybe it seems worse than the reality.

  21. So this is just outflow, then, and doesn't consider people coming in? It might be interesting to see those two numbers juxtaposed by county. Like, so many people are leaving the northern and eastern counties, and I find it unlikely they're being replenished at the same rate as the Bay Area or LA.

  22. Seattle, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Austin/Dallas, Colorado Springs, Salt Lake City, pretty interesting that so many people moved to those cities. they probably hate Californians a bit more now lol

  23. I’m subbed to two of those local subreddits and people trash talk those who have moved from California all the time. Especially the poor drivers.

  24. In Seattle at least, it seems like we’re getting a lot of mid- to senior-level tech folks coming up from the Bay making our real estate market even more fucked than it already was.

  25. A friend of mine and her husband left Oakland and moved to one of Salt Lake City suburbs in 2019. She was pregnant, planning on having another child back to back, and being a SAHM. He being the only income + a family of four + housing prices in the bay area = let’s get out of here. She hates the area, she always says people are very conservative there, but… 🤷🏻‍♀️

  26. Dallas here. I personally don’t mind, I think it hits my southern hospitality spot, y’all want some of this come get it, we have plenty of tea and land, I want people to enjoy what I enjoy, I don’t understand why other Texas natives feel otherwise (voting blue? Dallas/Austin already vote blue) never once have I thought “these damn Californians!”. I don’t understand the turf war, maybe I am naive, but I feel the silent majority of texans do not feel one way or the other, just let us know if you’re comin and we’ll make a plate haha

  27. I'm one of those Californians that moved out of state (Dec 2021) to Idaho. Many locals here are not happy. I've met other recent transplants who have said that they moved from "South of Oregon" because of the negativity they get just from saying California.

  28. I moved from one of those cities to CA and that comment always amazes me. Sure CA has more traffic but the drivers are magnitudes better.

  29. I left Seattle in ‘90 (for San Francisco BTW). Seattle had already been complaining about Californians for a very long time then.

  30. Seattle talks shit about California drivers all the time. But people in Seattle can't figure it how to drive in the rain in Seattle and it rains all the fucking time so who knows

  31. Re: Salt Lake City - the state of Utah is run by real estate developers and they have spent the better part of a decade directly marketing the region as the "Silicon Valley East" (my term not theirs) and offering heavy tax incentives to move a business there as a direct shot at the expensive Bay Area. Of course, now it's ruining COLA in the Wasatch Valley, but the moves to the area in this timeframe aren't surprising at all.

  32. Look at the counties of CA at the end that were the bluest, those are the ones that had the most people leave by percentage. Those also happen to be CA’s most politically conservative counties and poorest.

  33. In 2018 I was in charge of a fixed wireless internet service provider in Santa Barbara. I was forced to leave after a year because the cost of living exceeded my income. That October, I cut everything I could possibly cut out of my budget. That was the first month I was financially positive since arriving in March. I had made $50 profit. By the time I left, I was down to eating nothing but cheap hot dogs, never going out, and adding $7k in debt. All I did was work, come home, clean, eat sleep, repeat.

  34. Community College is cheap and in-state tuition for a State school isn't super expensive. There are also plenty of federal and state programs available that make the cost of College for poor and middle-class citizens incredibly affordable. I grew up poor and went to college for free. The opportunity was always there for you to increase your income. Good luck wherever you are now, bud. I hope life is a little easier for you now.

  35. Right. And the reason it’s such an expensive place to live is because of how many people want to live there, not because it’s some hell scape like conservative media would like you to believe.

  36. Picturing all those people getting launched from giant a trebuchet, is kinda funny... That one guy at the end ..."Hey, wait for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" 🤸‍♂️ lol

  37. Living in Arizona. Can confirm it’s fucking hilarious the so-called libertarian dickheads are now upset the free market is fucking them.

  38. The outflow in OP's viz is being measured by percentage though, and those conservative regions have next to no population compared to the liberal coastal areas. So it might be that a higher proportion of conservatives are moving out of California, but in sheer numbers I would think it's overwhelmingly liberal.

  39. Yep, in Idaho, a lot of people are afraid that all the Californians moving here are going to "liberalize" the state, but in fact, it seems like the trend has to go even further right. Like far right.

  40. It's the places with lots of warehouse, manufacturing and agricultural jobs. Lots of those people are recent immigrants ready for their next move.

  41. Just to point out; California has become very expensive place to buy a home because so many people from the rest of the US moved there. When I was growing up we had acres of orange groves and a house cost 1/10th what it did in the East (my first home was $17,500 and my friends on LI was 10 times that and more). This country also allows property to be bought as an investment so the wealthy from Russia, China, Japan, etc. are buying up property which drives up the prices in desirable places like NYC and California. We should not allow foreigner interests to play any part in our elections or to own property.

  42. I think it might be the corporation that allowed this to happen which is not a surprise. It would make sense since a lot of American corporations have a lot of their businesses overseas, which I believe in turn allowed the wealthy foreigners to buy property and real estates in the US in exchange for opening up businesses in their country.

  43. Am from San Diego… moved to Seattle, and even though it’s quite expensive here, and my house cost over half a million dollars, it was still 1/3 the cost of houses in San Diego that are of a comparable size.

  44. There was a statistic showing those leaving Cali and those coming in, had a HUGE discrepancy in income levels. Poor people were leaving and rich people were entering.

  45. I have some LA friends that absolutely LOVED the idea of moving to Portland and so did I. Especially during the summer... god it's really nice. Lush green everywhere, it's so vibrant. Unfortunately those that I know who've moved there couldn't quite handle the weather year round. If you're not used to overcast skies for the majority of the year, it can be surprisingly difficult for a lot of people.

  46. Honestly I know you're saying that in jest, but Oregon has some of the most depressing weather ever, I lived there for 2 years and it was super rough

  47. County breakdown of Oregon looks to be showing a good amount to Lane county. UO alumni from California feeling nostalgic?

  48. There's still an influx of wealthy people moving into CA. It's the poors and middle class who are leaving. Basically, you'll never be able to afford a house because property value will continue to go up.

  49. you do realize the people leaving are the poor people, the people who dont drive housing prices up, and the people who are moving in are rich people, the people who DO drive housing prices up... this mass exodus from california is not going to increase affordability it will decrease it

  50. There are a lot of Californians that come to Boston for school and they all talk about how excited they are to see snow… then they realize this is Boston 😅☃️❄️🌨

  51. Tbh it blows. They can afford a really high rent and I’ve seen rent go through the roof in my area. The whole prevailing attitude is “sure, we’ll charge $1500 a month minimum because someone will pay it.” Grinds my gears

  52. It would make more sense if immigration was shown as well. It's hard to tell from this alone that California's population is still increasing net, although it is definitely slowing a lot.

  53. ITT: idiots who fell for the narrative that it’s Californians increasing their housing costs and not the private companies, hedge funds, etc. buying up millions of single family homes in all-cash, over-asking deals.

  54. Exactly! We’re leaving because we’re being priced out of our homes too. People want to blame Californians instead of blaming the reasons that Californians are being forced out.

  55. It's too damn expensive. The median income is 80k per household and home value is almost 800K. These values are even worst in cities in LA and Bay Area regions. It's so hard for regular people to maintain a stable source of income to be able to live comfortably.

  56. I left California for Nevada about 19 years ago and I'd never move back. While I still think California is a beautiful state, I would never want to move back to somewhere that has such a high cost of living coupled with horrendous traffic. Furthermore, I'd never be able to afford buying a home and living comfortably. I'd become a slave to my mortgage payment.

  57. If they moved from the northeast parts of CA, they almost certainly are going to make their bible belt towns even more conservative.

  58. There are so many people in FL right now the roads are hardly functional. It's crazy! It's like downtown rush hour traffic everywhere in the entire state all the time. out in the middle of nowhere on a Tuesday at 3 am.... STILL THICK TRAFFIC.

  59. That really depends on the part of Florida. South Florida is a clusterfuck, and the other large cities to a slightly lesser degree. The Space Coast is getting out of hand around Melbourne and Palm Bay, especially. But a lot of Florida is still quite rural … or, y’know, a swamp.

  60. I've never seen traffic like this in my life living here. EVERY road is congested at all times of the day/week. EVERY restaurant/shop has a wait or line all the time. It's fucking unbearable. Three main license plates I see sometimes more than Florida is New York, California, Ontario.

  61. My office has two locations: southern California and Arizona. SO MANY employees have transferred from CA to AZ for the reduced housing cost. I can see how that sort of thing would inflate cost for the folks who were already there.

  62. No it’s not Californians. It is Zillow, Blackrock, OTHER investors, etc. Investors are buying up huge quantities of single family homes. They are happy to let people think it’s Californians though.

  63. CA population declined in 2021 from covid deaths, low birth rate, international students not studying there, immigration policy changes, the pandemic overall AND emigration out of state. People acting like its just people fleeing due to taxes etc...

  64. I think a lot of people go to taxes because that’s the one they find when they meet people who left CA. I’m sure the stats suggest other reasons are bigger factors but in my personal encounters with most people who left California they cited policies like taxes. Why they then chose to move to DC which has similar policies? No idea. But I could see that being why people think that way.

  65. Made it so hard to buy a house in my home town, nothing like offering 10k over asking and to cover all closing costs. Just for someone from Cali to offer 50k, cover closing, and not have it inspected. 8 months of stressing and watching our housing market jump 80k within that time gave me grey hairs.

  66. Keep in mind that people are also moving to California all the time. It's a myth that there's a big exodus. It's still less than 5% of the total population. It's always fluctuating.

  67. 100% people that i know that have left California because "fuck California" are exactly the type of people that i want to leave California

  68. I moved from LA to Ohio for an academic job in 2012 and then to DC metro in 2015. As soon as California fixes the housing problem by getting rid of restrictive local zoning I'm coming back. I have no desire to ever set foot in the Midwest again

  69. Poor people or those who are middle are gonna be forced out or become homeless. California used to be awesome, not anymore. Everything has become extremely expensive. Gas most especially, $6 to $7/gallon and that's not just LA or some tourist spot. It's happening even in other cities. We still don't know when the prices will stop going up. If you're a rideshare driver (like what I used to be), and you're still driving for Uber or Lyft now, maybe you should check and compute your costs for gas and everything else and compare it to how much money you're actually making after all of that.

  70. Gas just broke $5 in LA, and that's because gas prices are up globally. You know where everything is really cheap? States where nobody wants to live.

  71. Can someone make one of these that shows net gain/loss on a state by state, or county by county basis relative to California? All these are pretty but mainly just pretty.

  72. I was apart of that migration. San Diego to Wilmington De on the road in three days. It was right at the start of the pandemic and right before California called a state of emergency. Couldn’t have left fast enough.

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