[OC] The (corrected, please see description comment) Exodus from Tex(odus) from 2014-2019.

  1. Almost every state hates another. TX and CA are the big ones in CO. If I had to guess a third it would be IL due to so many Chicagoans. I'm from MA by way of ME — nice to not be a "MassHole" in CO :P

  2. I was one of the dots from Texas to Denver in 2018, lol. As much crap as CO likes to give to “non-natives,” I’m very glad to have moved out when I did…

  3. I moved to Colorado from Virginia and after 7 years of trying to keep my housing affordable, I hate everyone from everywhere - even though I’m from everywhere. There.

  4. I assume the ones zooming past WA are Alaska bound? I did notice a fair amount of Texans up that way or folks who moved from the Deep South.

  5. Yep... Alaska is just too big (geographically) to include. I've got no excuse for not including Hawaii though. Lol.

  6. Took me a while to realize they dots weren’t referring to a specific city. I was trying to figure out why so many Texans were fleeing to Fresno

  7. Well, having lived in Visalia, then Dallas, then back to Visalia, I always said the Central Valley is the Texas of California.

  8. I didn’t realize that until you said it. Would be helpful if the entire state lit up and turned darker shades as more dots hit.

  9. I learned about this song from GTA SA DE (I'm not an American) and I started loving K-Rose radio like anything!

  10. During the time frame presented here, California’s population grew by nearly 2 million people. The last year is the only time California’s population has declined. So, while there are a lot of people moving from California to Texas, that’s mostly just a result of California having a lot of people in general (some are going to leave, some are going to stay).

  11. Ca is too f’n expensive. Ppl say that more money is made but folks, min wage is still $15/hr while the average home is $800k+. It’s the most disheartening thing for ppl trying to start their lives and families!

  12. Serious question as someone thinking of transferring from UK to Austin with work, is it not a good place to live? Or is this just a misleading chart not including influx of people to Texas?

  13. It shows only people who left and where they went, not people moving to Texas. That's in OP's statement, so it's not misleading. Austin is different than most of the rest of Texas, but I guess it depends on what you consider a good place to live. How're ya with drought?

  14. I wouldn't move to Austin permanently. Work there for a stint and see if you like it. It's one of the most left-leaning cities in Texas, but it has become outrageously expensive. You will need to drive places because public transit is garbage anywhere other than NYC, DC, or Chicago.

  15. Texas is one of the most populous states in the US, and the second for net migration after Florida.

  16. Like people below said, the hill country is beautiful and Austin is fun, it’s just getting real expensive to live there. That said it’ll still probably be cheaper than the UK to live there.

  17. It’s a little misleading because there are way more people moving to Texas than leaving Texas. Look up the cost to rent a uhaul to move from CA to Texas versus Texas to CA. Every state has inflow and outflow every year, but calling this a Texodus is a joke.

  18. Austin is a cool city with plenty of interesting people, places, activities, etc. Very large homeless population there, though, so be prepared for tents and people sleeping/wandering in the streets.

  19. As a Texan (who no longer lives in Texas)…Texans love Texas, except for Austin. And even then, people in Austin think they like Austin, because it sounds cool, but then all they do is bitch about the traffic.

  20. A lot of people on here don't live in Texas but have these opinions. There is no "drought" in TX, especially not Austin. Austin is a really great city for liberal individuals, music lovers and Mexican food lovers. Austin is expensive though (particularly property values and rent). If this sounds like something you want you should take a chance and move to Austin.

  21. Austin is more progressive than most places in the US. However, you have to deal with state laws/regulations that will be very regressive. It’s a weird dynamic

  22. I've been through pretty much all of Texas. It varies greatly depending on where you live. Parts of the state are desert wasteland for miles. Parts are huge cities. Some parts are ultra conservative, some are super liberal, and some are a reasonable mix. Austin is pretty nice and if I HAD to move to Texas but could pick where, I would probably pick Austin.

  23. Hey! I lived in Austin for a couple of years, I moved about 3 years ago, so I am slightly capable of speaking to this subject. TLDR; a the bottom.

  24. There are a lot of negative posts about Austin and I wanted to offer some perspective from someone who moved here 20 years ago from California (I know, hate me) and still lives in Austin.

  25. Odd. I’ve lived in Texas my whole life and it seems we are getting way more people than people leaving. I’d love to see the data of people moving to Texas.

  26. You're right. So consider this graphic showing all the people moving out and then imagine what it will look like with all the people moving in that have not just offset this exodus but have grown the state population so much so quickly that you managed to gain two House seats since 2010.

  27. Context is also important. Texas has been surging so long, that many people leaving aren’t necessarily Texans. They came here for a couple years, decided it wasn’t for them, or got a remote job, and then they leave. No saying long term Texans don’t leave but a lot of this is transient folks job hopping and what not

  28. Cheap land, oil and gas jobs (fracking explode on the state in the early 10s), marijuana legalization (some of the loosest medical use laws in the country and and extremely cheap cost of entry to start a growing operation).

  29. Weed. Short of actual legalization we have the most liberal cannabis laws in the country. Each card holder can grow twelve plants and you can have 3oz on your person. It can be consumed anywhere and if you're smoking it has to be somewhere smoking is allowed. No one cares about it anymore.

  30. OKC is probably part of it. It’s growing like crazy and is now the 22nd largest metro in the country. Just a few years ago it was so far down on that list no one cared. While the state is run terribly the city of OKC is one of the better run and more collaborative cities in the country. There are lots of jobs, house prices are low compared to everywhere else, and there’s a really cool thing happening in its downtown and midtown districts… lots of renovations, over a billion dollars in public improvements, and a really strong foodie scene.

  31. Idk, I think Oklahoma has some pretty unique terrain towards the east. The panhandle has some real value in land quality and extraction capabilities. If I lived in any of the boring, flat parts of Texas, I'd consider migrating north.

  32. How are the politics of the two states the same and how are they different? I don't hear much about Oklahoma.

  33. A lot of people that are WFH but need to stay kinda close to their jobs in DFW will get a house in the scenic part of OK. It’s like 2-3 hour drive. Also, RE and property tax in DFW is bonkers.

  34. Exodus seems to me to be a loaded word in this case. The literal definition of the word is a mass exit of people from a given space.

  35. Question - why did you decide to do this from Texas and add a comment “Texodus” as if this is some sort of phenomenon Texas is experiencing above and beyond any other state? I can see why people are confused as it insinuates that an exodus is occurring in TX, which it 100% is not, whilst certain states absolutely DO have an exodus…

  36. Hmm, why was there an exodus? I thought people were moving to TX? I live in cali and moving to tx is a hot topic here

  37. We feel the overwhelming population influx on our job and housing markets. FYI “y’all” suck at driving. Please at least take a course on how to drive in snow if you’re going to move to these states. I cannot even keep track of the number of accidents I’ve seen from people with Texas plates. It’s a running joke that’s actually taken completely seriously, that you stay away from anyone with a Texas plate on the highway.

  38. Ok, I live in Texas and all I hear about is “everyone in California is moving to Texas!”….I’ve always though it was bs. I’ve loved both places, Texas pales in comparison (in my opinion)

  39. I have a beloved niece moving to Texas. She says it's because the people there are more in tune with her family. I may never see her again.

  40. Herds come to Texas all year long. See so many out of state license plates every day on the highways. This map is incorrect based on front line observation.

  41. Lmao people leaving Texas to go live in what is probably Fresno and Bakersfield, CA. Fuckin rip, you aren't upgrading. I've never even been to Texas and I can tell ya the only thing decent there is Doghouse Grill/Main St Grill (same owner different name).

  42. Your realize they aren't moving to that particular location in California, right? The graphic uses the geographical center of the state.

  43. I know, right? Ugh. But people get testy when you imply anything negative about TX... and not so much when you do about CA.

  44. I see a bunch of them going to alaska, but I can't see how big the friggin bubble is here when it's all over.

  45. Moved from Houston to ATL in 2018 for no other reason than I honestly couldn't find any decent jobs in Texas. I studied Electrical Engineering but with the oil & gas industry struggling like it has, it was hard to find anything other than coding/software. Now I work on power distribution systems for data centers and make very good money doing it. I miss my friends and the amazing food we were spoiled with back home but moving out was honestly the best possible thing I could've done for my career and personal growth.

  46. This is the latest data available. The inflow charts are coming in the next couple days. Putting both together just made it so neither was decipherable.

  47. Lol everyone moving from texas to a legal weed state. Except Florida, that one is probably just old people moving to retire

  48. I actually know quite a few people that moved from Texas to Central Missouri but I have no idea why.

  49. No wonder the whole country went to shit. I wish these idiots would have stayed in their own cesspool. Texas is the worst.

  50. But what happened after Covid hit and all the restrictions came into play nationwide? There’s been a lot of migration into Texas due to it.

  51. Don’t come here you square dancing, dipshit Halloween ghosts. You loved talking about how Texas is so much better, now deal with your creation.

  52. How does this compare to the people moving to Texas during the same time period? I imagine there would be one big star over Texas at the end.

  53. More than a little misleading - particularly the title. In 2013, the population of Texas was 26.48 million. In 2020, the population was 29.16 million. It's not much of an exodus if you gained three million people on net.

  54. In 2021 alone, 170k+ people moved to Texas. I find it weird that Texas was chosen as the exodus over any states that saw bigger population losses.

  55. OP is making those for multiple states. I find it weird that you didn't even check that. They made a California one, too. OP also said they'll make graphics for people moving to states as well.

  56. Due to the sheer size of Texas, even if only a tiny % left the state that still adds up to a lot of people. It has nothing to do with net migration, just a lot of data points to visualize. OP said they're doing migration into Texas next.

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