I put myself in a 7 boss free for all

  1. Imagine if the game was just this. No tutorial, no explanation for anything, it just drops you into this madness immediately after starting a new game.

  2. This looks like when your older sibling is playing with there buddies and the younger sibling joins in unwanted, you have all the big bad bosses and gods fighting eachother and little knight boy comes along with his zwei

  3. That was awesome! I didn't realize Gael and Nameless King were there until the end, I think they were just fighting each other to start.

  4. I think Fume knight will always be my favorite but Gael is a very close second...His fight feels very fair and balanced but difficult and extremely fun!

  5. At one point I was POSITIVE there was double bass percussion playing when he ran away from Lorian. But it was just the hit boxes. Lmao. Well done sir.

  6. My man Dragonslayer Armour punching above his weight class, but managed to be in the final three bosses standing. Boy is an absolute unit .

  7. I like that when Lorian isn’t in his boss room (so he can’t teleport) just makes him a giant cripple with a sword.

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