Abyss Watcher vs Black Knight

  1. Thanks for this. These are my two favorite fights. No these aren't the most difficult fights, but they are enjoyable to me.

  2. That was such a good fight! I thought the abyss watcher would win but black knights never fail to demolish anything in their path. Especially pvp!!

  3. Abyss watchers tend to do very poorly in AI v AI fights because they do massively reduced damage to anything that’s not the player to prevent them from killing each other instantly during the boss fight.

  4. The Black Knights originated from Silver Knights who were scourged by the Flame of Chaos. They became Demons, with high resistance to fire. A force to be reckoned with. Many Black Knights followed Lord Gwyn who linked the First Flame, but the heatwave of the linking incinerated them to ash - the Ash Knights - becoming merely ghosts possessing their own suits of armour. Then there were the Black Knights who were abandoned by Lord Gwyn, and sought their own path throughout Lordran, and later other lands. They are undoubtedly the most powerful humanoids in this universe.

  5. If only the Abyss Watcher could use the Farron Greatsword's parry or spin attack, this probably would have turned out different

  6. black knights are built like a brick house, I'm not exactly surprised by this. This specific guy gave me more trouble than the abyss watchers boss when i originally started playing DS3.

  7. that black knight survived a war with the dragons, got crispied by the flame of chaos during the war with izalith, was turned on the other side and burnt by the first flame, and than wandered the earth for ages upon ages up to the events of DS3. he built different

  8. One prances with a cape. The other loses the cape and takes a shield. I can see how this is going before it happens.

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