Gael (phase1) vs Darkeater Midir

  1. in such videos, it is necessary to show the starting health indicators of both opponents at the beginning, because I know that the creators often change them relative to the original

  2. Thay makes sense. Midir is designed for area denial and keeping you away from him. Geal is designed to move around a lot, and hitting back. Kinda counters what Midir fights like.

  3. Gael had 3x HP though. Other than Aldritch with his arrow attack, I don't think anything usually beats Midir, except maybe Yhorm with NG+ HP.

  4. I think that this should have been done on Midir's turf. It looks like Gael was able to go under several attacks because of the dunes.

  5. I don't think this should have been done in Gaels arena. Midirs attacks are all based off the fact that he is in a large, open, flat environment. Even if the goal was to have a large arena, Midir's arena still fulfills the same purpose. Gael doesn't get affected by being in a flat environment, but Midir does get affected by not being in one.

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