Gael (phase 3) vs Yhorm the Giant

  1. the fact it was such a close fight surprised me most, honestly thought with Gael's damage output he would've put down Yhorm easily, guess i underestimated Yhorms tankiness.

  2. Yhorm beats every single boss in the game except for Aldritch if he gets lucky. Aldritch's arrow rain has the highest DPS in the game, and if he spams it against Yhorm, he will absolutely obliterate him. Yhorm's gimmick status makes him extremely tanky compared to other bosses.

  3. I love Gael just jumping all over the place only for Yhorm to activate his flames like “nah bro. I’m winning”

  4. I belive you just take the entity's spawn em in and change them to fight each other I'm not a coder so obviously I cant answer this thoroughly but I belive that's how this works

  5. Yhorm is one of the heaviest hitting bosses in the game. Also with a large health pool, he basically is very hard to defeat in a boss vs boss as they can't use Stormruler.

  6. I love this boss battles with yhorm because the other bosses fight with a lot os shit and yhorm is just axe go chomp chomp.

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