Capra Demon is killing me

  1. Yup. Shortcut lessens the pain of that run, but doesn't eliminate it (two Undead Thieves and two dogs IIRC, plus a Hollow Archer who barely registers as a threat... and the enemies on the Firelink side of it).

  2. What i did was: Block the 2 wolves with your shield as they run towards you and kill them (in my case, with two swings) then if the Capra is already near you then dodge his attack and from there it should be an easy fight if you position yourself in the center.

  3. At the top of the stairs is a small ledge. Hard to see. But stand on that and kill the dogs. Then you can run circles around the Capra and dispose of him at your leisure.

  4. This was my technique each time. You can also wait for Capra to try and attack you on the ledge, usually he will miss and fall which at this point you can do a plunge attack.

  5. If I recall, there's a fire down stairs from the boss you can use. Its much easier to come up from below, you can kill those dogs on the stairs easily.

  6. I don’t know what you are using, but The dogs are easier with a quicker weapon. A long sword or spear can work well. Once you get to the Capra room, do this. First Move right, the cut left to the stairs. If you go straight at the stairs you will be blocked in front. Head up. If a dog charges up, you might be able to kill one. Draw the Capra up the stairs and when he is halfway up, go off the side to drop down. Kill any dogs left down there. Now it is a cat and mouse game of going up and down the stairs while getting in hits on Capra. He hit very hard, so don’t be greedy and trade shots. Get 1 hit (maybe 2 with a fast weapon) and roll out.

  7. Haha I feel you, I have a save that stopped at capra demon months ago and I haven't worked up the courage to keep trying. The damn run back always messes me up.

  8. It’s a roadblock for sure, but I got it once I took the time to understand it better :) Wishing you luck with urs 👍🏻

  9. Boss is supposed to teach you how to navigate multiple enemies in a small enclosed space. Additionally, it also teaches you to use the environment you’re in to your advantage which is why you’ll see a lot of people mentioning the stairs.

  10. It definitely gave me a lesson on how to deal with multiple enemies at once. Once I got it down tho it was a little easier

  11. Capra demon and the dogs have a weakness to fire, get fire orb or another pyromancy with wide range and pick off the dogs quick while damaging the Capra Demon. When the dogs are dead roll towards CD when he attacks you

  12. I tell everyone that you need to go through the fog swinging. Then heal and use the strategies in this thread. By wildly swinging as you enter, you should kill at least one dog, maybe 2.

  13. Here's a tip, get like 10-20 fire bombs, and just carpet bomb the fuckers, there's a tutorial on yt, I could try and give you a strategy that makes it less cheesy but this shit doesn't deserve an actual fight.

  14. Honestly I cheesed this boss by using dung pies. I couldn’t beat him after 10 tries and decided- fuck it- I want to see the rest of the game. There’s a bunch of tutorials online on how to cheese him.

  15. Heavy attack with a large weapon as soon as I came through the gate took the dogs out with perfect timing. Bit of a gamble of course. After the dogs I kited around the demon for the ledge cheese.

  16. Tip 1: Poise. Get the biggest chunkiest armour you can and it'll make the dogs less of an issue. Armour has a stat called Poise, you want a high Poise.

  17. Blocking is a great friend. Block, then take them out one at a time. That room is absolute fuckery. Once you get in, shield up, and try to get up the stairs. Take the doggos out first then have a chat with Capra Karen

  18. There are a lot of strategies i think pyromancy is easiest fight if u unlocked it earlier if not just git gud, cheapest boss hands down gl there

  19. You can bait the demon up the stairs and onto the ledge. You can then make him run off the ledge and he mini stuns himself as part of his fall animation. Get a few hits in. Run back up the stairs, rinse and repeat

  20. There's a way to cheese him without having to fight him but I won't say unless you want me to. You'll kill him and get the rewards still. I advise beating him legit the first time and then cheese him on your next play throughs. That way you can get the full impact of the fight but not suffer later on new characters

  21. Once you enter the gate just roll to your right and then roll till the stair come at that point dog will be facing you and the demon will be a bit behind kill the dogs, Okay now you have gon through the hard part, now keep your sheild on, now if the demon comes from upstairs do not try to block just roll down And if he comes from down then plunge attack and remember to keep your distance Bonus- you can make it easier for yourself by buying a charcoal resin

  22. What I did was charge up the stairs, let the dogs chase me, kill them, then hop down and deal with the Capra in a more fair 1v1. Capra's relatively simple to deal with when dogs aren't nipping at your heels, just keep a cool head, be precise with your dodges and jam a sword up his ass.

  23. first you must go to the stairs, lure the fcking dogs then kill it. Now you can solo the Capra demon using the holy mighty ROLY POLY technique. Goodluck bro.

  24. Just run up the stairs then to the corner and wait for opening to kill the dogs then fall on the Capra demon and stab him in the head then continue with the fight blocking rolling stabbing and the like

  25. Get your block up as soon as you enter the fog. Make your way to the back of the area where there are some stairs to a ledge that you can wait on. Capra can still hit you from up there but not as easily, so you'll have some breathing room.

  26. As soon as you enter the boss arena, Run up the stairs as fast as you can. You can kill the 2 dogs while Capra is walking towards. Then drop down, get out the way of capra and then, he's all yours.

  27. You can half-cheese... Throw firebombs so the dogs will die. Then enter the fight 1 on 1 against Capra demon, or you can cheese it all the way with firebombs.

  28. Same thing happened to me, it was always that damn jump attack when you enter the arena! I hated that fight but after enough grinding I got it. Just know that once you get the attack patterns then it’s a piece of cake.

  29. Buy firebombs from the merchant. Stand in the bridge before the fog gate, back into a corner, aim at one of the ramparts with a bow and blind throw 5 bombs. Rinse and repeat until he is dead. I have NEVER legitimately beaten Capra demon and I don't mind.

  30. If you have 16 strength you can weild the drake sword which is given by cutting or shooting the first dragon you encounters tail off shooting it will take longer but won't get you killed within seconds and it does 200 damage so try that if you have it just make sure to only do normal attacks of you 2 hand it unless you wanna try and hit him with a special attack

  31. I hate this boss. You will honestly never fight so many enemies in such a small space again. But Miyazaki gave you a cheesey way to win if you are willing.

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