Favorite ds1 enemies? I’ll go first

  1. Crazyville Township is well-designed area for sure. It’s almost like an Undead Berg 2. Not as good as Undead Berg but it feels more like a late-game area, as I am sure it was intended to be.

  2. My favorite design is definitely the Crow Harpy things in the Painted World but also love the Giant Clams that tip-toe around and the CoD Zombie Dogs

  3. My favorite enemy design are the basilisks, since they’re so freaky. You know something is wrong with them even before you figure out they can curse you (or what curse what even is).

  4. The Berenike knights? Like the big lad under the gargoyles and the same kind down the side from the oil pot throwing giants on top of sens?

  5. Balder knights, at the point in the game where you first meet them, they seem like quite a challenge, and they have the ability to parry you, but upon learning their move sets you can have some really cool duels with them

  6. I absolutely remember first time getting parried by the balder knight guarding the stairs to the gargoyle fight. Took me more attempts to get past that mf than the boss fight itself.

  7. First time an enemy CAME AFTER ME ONTO A LADDER in DS Rem. and started harassing me, my jaw dropped... this was like an unwritten rule in practically every single other game, you could cheese-hangout on ladders lol.

  8. I haven’t died to a bonewheel in a fair few runs now, but they’re just a hassle every time. I appreciate them as an enemy you can never really feel confident and safe around, and a mob whose danger increases exponentially with every added member, but coming out of Vamos’s hidey-hole is still a case of “ugh, this” rather than “yay, this!” - to say nothing of the Painted World.

  9. dude havel is so sick and i’m sorry to anyone who believes in fancanon but the havel in the tower will always be the real havel to me.

  10. "Bishop Havel the Rock... an old battlefield compatriot of Lord Gwyn, was the sworn enemy of Seath the Scaleless. He despised magic, and made certain to devise means of counteraction."

  11. The Gardeners that appear in the Royal Wood at the beginning of the DLC. They're made of vines and bushes brought to life and attack you with shears and other gardening tools.

  12. Yeah when I noticed that you’re in darkroot it was super cool and then when i noticed they were the same masses of roots and vines i was so happy. Do you think the hammer-wielding stone giants are the predecessors to the sword-wielding stone giants?

  13. Tbh The Silver Knights, Although the archers were a pain in the arse, they are still an enimie wich give a fair amount of souls and a fair fight.

  14. Skeletons. Their moveset is insane for a "regular" mob. Plus they make me feel like I'm in a Ray Harryhausen movie.

  15. It’s hard to say. In terms of bosses: The Moonlight Butterfly was amazing (visuals and music combined amazing) and Artorias. In terms of mini bosses: The Undead Dragons. Amazing designs. In terms of normal enemies: The drakes in Valley of the Drakes and the Stone Knights in Darkroot Gardens.

  16. Probably the basilisks. Yes, the curse effect is extremely annoying the first time you get hit by it, but that's the whole point of getting cursed, and they give you a realy good set of stories to look back on, which is why they're good. I also think that the actual enemy design for how they look, with the false eyes is really good as well.

  17. I like the Frog-rays from that one hidden path in Darkroot Garden who only show up in that particular area, and never anywhere else in the entire game.

  18. Priscilla just because I haven't fought her enough to know her pattern. I can beat he game sl1 no problem but she keeps me guessing because I can't see her but bit i know there's a pattern that I'm not seeing. Apart from her it would artorias, I didn't get the dlc until remastered so I really enjoy his fight

  19. I've never killed the mushrooms. They're adorable. I have however seen a couple die. I fell and and as the dying screen was doing it's thing a couple hit the ground following me. 🤣

  20. I gotta say I kinda like the giants with the large clubs on the backway down to blightown (I always pick up a skeleton key and skip the depths). Not only is their weapon drop a hidden gem, they were how I practiced parrying on my like first and second playthroughs back in highschool. Just overall quality hoard enemy, I like the boulder ones a lot less and the mutants around them make them kind of a pain to get to sometimes but still

  21. I have to say the hydras even if it is a pretty Basic fight, but damn it feels good to fight against them. And they dont mind to give you a head or multiple of them hehe

  22. If you count it, the forest guardians. They have cool mpve sets that work well together, and are fairly challenging for a number of levels.

  23. I really like the two headed lizard on the tree above the partizan(I think). There's only two in the game and are easy to miss but they look so cool.

  24. Easily the Black Knights, they scared the shit out of me back when I first played the game. I died for hours to the first one you encounter before the Taurus demon. Eventually I did kill it and I felt so accomplished. They’ve got such a cool design too and a fight against them always feels like a challenging and fair battle. Plus there’s no Archer variants of the Black Knights, fuck those Anor Londo Archers.

  25. Bonewheels... not only are they pricks, they are very derpy. There is a photo out there somebody did of one rolling towards the chosen-undead engulfed in flames, laughing like skeletor, flipping the bird. Too bad I cannot find it. 😔

  26. I like the Berenike Knights. The thought that these huge ass chads went hollow on this mission makes you feel like you haven’t a chance.

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