1. I workout because I wanna stay fit and not burst in sweats after a couple feet. I don't really care too much about getting ripped but I feel getting toned is good enough. Personally I've never actually been fat (rather the opposite) but I can sorta understand how difficult it must be to move. I've seen women and some men defend being fat but their just defend the fact that their lazy and don't want to make hard choices needed to stay fit

  2. Although some men do work out primarily to be more attractive (and it does work, for the most part).

  3. I love how when people speak , they act like they represent the entire group of people they belong to, as if they were all some hive mind.

  4. 90% of the reason I go to the gym is for myself and cause I wanna have a good body and look good, and then comes an egotistical cunt like this that thinks I'm doing it for her lmao, bitch go back to posting feminist propaganda on Twitter, Noone is looking your way.

  5. funny you should say that, pretty much all women love guys with big muscles idk where tf are those ugly bitches getting from that other women don't like it

  6. Wasting your time painting your face for hours just to go out and eat dinner is a way better use of your time than personal health and fitness…..fuck off. My boss is 500 lbs of pure potato chips if anyone has her contact info I’d be willing to set them up with each other, he’s got a great personality.

  7. Have you ever wondered that maybe we do some things for ourselves? Have you ever wondered that maybe the world doesn’t revolve around you?

  8. We dont do it for you, we do it for ourselves. We do it to feel pride, to feel happy knowing you are better than 99% of the population, remember kings its always You vs You.

  9. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable

  10. I do it for myself, I used to be very unhealthy and borderline obese until I adopted a lot better diet and stated going to the gym

  11. You know what MEN don't give a singular shit about..... That it takes you 45 minutes of making weird mouth and eye stretches to apply a shit load of hocus pocus to your face to look like a totally different woman because you developed a bad self image from looking at women's magazines that portrayed a real woman looking skinny as shit and wearing so much hocus pocus you actually believed she just looked like that in real life.....

  12. Man or woman I do not care for the opinion of any person who thinks that people only bother to look good to attract the opposite sex. Just because you have to use your body count to convince yourself you look good doesn't mean others have to.

  13. You know, I don't care about the topic she is talking about, but I hate it when people speak so confident about the opinions of their entire sex when they know like 50 women out of billions and asked 0 of them if they agree

  14. Um... Yes they do care about that. Many women do. Since when did this chick become the voice of all women?

  15. As if men go to gym to impress women. I dont know if this applies to everyone but I also started to go to gym for the sake of improving myself and I want that someday I can be proud that I acheived something for myself

  16. I used to workout more than I do now mostly because it helps stop the progression of arthritis. I’m not the big bulky guy that preens like a peacock but they’re out there

  17. Spent time at the gym and began to get ripped. Girls started paying attention when I was doing that 🥱. Now I've got a crammed schedule and I can't lift anymore but I remember those days. I miss them.

  18. It's ironically hilarious that giga Chad is a dude who was photoshopped by a woman to look that way. So tell me again how women don't care about muscles??

  19. As she does the video from the neck up. Anyone wanna take a guess whats below the neck? You're putting in the effort you will accept in return. Show us from the neck down and prove me wrong. 🎤 drop

  20. Lol yeah ok. bodybuilding is for the self and no one else. But also, it’s these same kinda Becky bitches that hork down every hard sausage they find attached to some muscle as long as no one’s looking.

  21. Honestly rn I am the most out of shape I’ve ever been and I want to start working out but haven’t found the time. But from what I am thinking now the people who do have a routine do it for themselves and not for others.

  22. I really lift to keep up with my two year old, 50lb, baby of a hulk. He got his size from his dad and his dense weight from me. 😪

  23. Yeah and we don’t care if ur goddamn cold if u do this u know damn well we won’t give a SHIT about u and plus a real man is a person that helps women fix gaming computers and not people that flex and go to strip clubs and leave as a virgin get some god damn help if u think we’re gonna help u

  24. I personally like cuddling w someone w a dad bod, but I also love ppl that (healthily) work on themselves and wanna take care of themselves. You don’t need veins that make ur biggest weakness paper cuts, but v lines are quite nice :0

  25. Wow, like yeah stfu but... Being jealous because men can walk alone at night.... Did an incel make this? Do they know what that means?? Joking about rape is not Chad shit.

  26. We also don't give a single shit a lbout your opinion and not because you're a woman just because you a piece of shit

  27. this makes me sick- men don't always do it for women, they do it for themselves because they want to stay fit and be healthy. it's not bc they want to impress us. rethink about what u said😀

  28. Ask women why they wear all that make-up, they will tell you they dont do it for men. Same logic applies to men going to the gym.

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