Quality vs quantity, y'all

  1. this is the reason i don't wanna have kids. because i know i'll give them this, and i don't want another human being to go through that. meanwhile i've seen some of the meanest people have kids and abuse them physically and claim they're better than everyone because they have kids. gee, i wonder why your kid isn't talking to you once they've moved out

  2. One of the most mean, petty and pointlessly cruel people I've ever met was the middle child out of nine. They weren't even religious or anything, her mom was just married three times and had three kids with each husband. And this girl I knew wanted a massive family just like that, too.

  3. Worst thing is that no matter how much they try to change their parenting ways, it will almost certainly be like their parents. So if they were abused, they will abuse too, but maybe if they tried, just a bit less abuse.

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