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  1. Most systems give division and multiplication the same priority, so they are performed in the order of writing

  2. You got it right but also when you expressed 2/3 in a fraction you did it wrong. It's not 0.66, it's 0.67 as you have to round up the last digit

  3. That seems like an odd way to do it but it works. I find it better to visualize it as: 2/3 * 6/1. That way you end up with (26)/(31) which is 12/3 which is 4

  4. You could have gone fraction so it would be two thirds multiplied by six ones so then it would be 12 thirds that gives 4, im shit at explaining but to me thats easier

  5. Everybody everywhere should just use standard scientific notation. Representing divisions as fractions with an implicit bracket on the top and bottom portions is 5 billion times cleaner.

  6. In real life people just put parentheses fucking everywhere. Especially in code, where you have to use inline division, I use parentheses and line breaks as much as possible so that there's as few opportunities for misinterpretation as possible. Although complex math often looks confusing and intimidating, the whole point of it is actually to be concise and clear. There should be no room for misinterpretation.

  7. This is why we use fractions instead of division symbols in math. The division symbol adds unnecessary confusion. While they are functionally the same, fact that fractions show clearly what the problem is, not this vague thing.

  8. I really don't think there is an answer to shit poorly written question. by just following left to right you are basically saying a/bc = (a/b)*c , which might be technically correct, since writing two things together in math is implying multiplication, but I doubt any mathematician ever implied that with that statement.

  9. If you ever get confused just remember you can use fractions and multiplication to avoid division (obviously it’s gonna look the same in-line but it might help some people thinking it through) don’t divide by 3 multiply by one-third (1/3) and then commutative property of multiplication makes it much easier

  10. The problems arise when 2/3×6 is changed to 2÷3(6), which some consider to change the order of operations and some don't

  11. If it truly was important to know the correct answer for a / b * c, it would not be written exclusively horizontally.

  12. Division and multiplication are equal in order so it’s left side first, meaning you do 2/3 first, which is about 0.666666 etc. then it’s multiplied by 6. So assuming that the decimal multiplied by 3 is 2, since we just divided that amount, it would equal 4.

  13. With just multiplication and division it DOES NOT matter. No matter what order you if it in, the final answer will remain same. It gets fucky when you bring in + and -

  14. Order of operations is kinda important to know in life ngl. I've learned math at a high level and can definitely say that a lot of it I'll never touch. But even at my young age I've used OoO a lot when cooking, shopping, etc

  15. Even if you don’t go into STEM and use function-based software, you might end up relying on someone who does.

  16. I hate these posts because it's not an order of operations issue. It's a grouping issue caused by not using fraction division. This slash is almost as bad as the elementary school division symbol.

  17. All throughout school they told us PEMDAS, in that exact order and then suddenly in like 10/11 grade it was was PE M/D A/S, depending on which came first and it probably explains why I suck at math.

  18. assuming the slash is for "divided by" although in this particular equation if is is used to represent divided by or a fraction the answer will be the same

  19. Y'know, looking at all the comments here, I'm confident in saying that the answer is 4, and clickbait works way to well

  20. Division or multiplication, depending on what comes first. In this question, the division comes first (left to right), so the answer is 4

  21. I don’t know if that supposed to be the irony in this post or not, but it doesn’t matter which order you do that equation in lol

  22. Use better notation god damnit! write a division as a proper fraction so people can actually know what you want dividing what and use fucking parentheses fuckers, this is how bridges collapse

  23. this is a poorly written statement with no correct answer, because it’s meaning is left up to the interpretation of the reader. it’s like speaking without commas in english. add parentheses to make it legible

  24. There isn’t an “order of operations”—it’s just called operator precedence. And it’s only a convention for computation (and it’s hasn’t even been around that long ~17th century).

  25. How is this a discussion? It's the equivalent of two thirds times six. 2/3×6 (2/3)×6 6×(2/3) 12/3 4 I only took some advanced math in highschool and a couple engineering classes. It's not difficult math at all.

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