Strange looking ball goes brrr

  1. It’s a prolate spheroid I think you’re thinking of a oblate spheroid which is the opposite kind of spheroid

  2. Calling an American football a "spheroid" is a bit generous. If that's a spheroid then so is a cube.

  3. I don't get what you're trying to say with this....England invented Rugby, the whole world plays it and England hardly ever wins

  4. Yeah no one in America cares much about being the "world champion" in their sports, they're content with just enjoying it amongst themselves.

  5. they don't call it that. they say "super bowl champion" and technically it is a world championship, but that's not its official name.

  6. Well, everything I know about american football is from that movie with Will Smith where he tries to save the players from dying young. I don't know how much of that is true, but I still believe this is a ridiculous sport that should not be so popular

  7. It's called a world champion because teams can have players from around the world on a team, not only America. If you bothered to look at the roster some players are from Canada and some more are coming from Europe every year. The NFL is also expanding into Europe by creating 4 expansion teams there. If you want another example look at baseball and the World Series. Baseball players are come from South America from to the Caribbean to Japan hence the name World Series. Also Baseball has the World Classic. Basketball is the same, it has players from all over the world. Try not to stay ignorant my friend.

  8. I'm pretty sure most leagues have players from multiple countries but don't declare the winners as world champions. Even in basketball, baseball hockey etc.

  9. That's so incredibly stupid. By that logic every champions league is algo a world cup, because players from all over the world play in these teams...

  10. This is how we do things in Finland too. Except then Estonians start to play it too, and beat us and we have to invent a new, somehow even more stupid sport

  11. Am I the only one that remembers that the go brrr meme has a meaning? It literally has no relevance to this particular shitpost.

  12. When all the best players in the world come to play in your league, it's a world championship. Like MLB and NHL especially where 30% of players aren't American (and that's counting Canada and the USA for the NHL).

  13. Actually it’s only a “world championship” in a World Cup which is international country vs country not club team if mixed players. Since there is no international games/World Cup for American sports it’s not really a world championship

  14. The reason football(soccer) is so big around the world is because of British imperialism. They made it then forced it onto the peoples they conquered. Enjoy sucking off the brits ya cucks!!!

  15. Yes of course, they imperialized all of Europe and South America and forced them to play football. Those terrible Britains!

  16. Excuse me, but football, soccer, rugby, and whatever nonsense they're doing down there in Australia, all started as the same sport. FIFA regulations decided players couldn't handle the ball; NFL regulations decided they could; and rugby woke up and chose violence. So don't go insulting our godawful version of soccer that only exists to pump Budweiser commercials into the eyeballs of fat Midwesterners who need an excuse to get blackout drunk every Sunday! This is Amurica! Our athletes are supposed to be 350 pounds and have Alzheimer's by the age of 42! That's what peak physical condition looks like!

  17. This should be an Irish flag and referencing the spot of hurling. It’s thousands of years old and literally only those weirdos play it. At least Canada has a football league.

  18. I like football but I've seen the universal appeal of football. Though I do wish other countries would give football a chance, they wouldnt even have to give up football! Football is cool.

  19. Why did you put quotation marks around "new sport"? Is it not a sport because it is new? American football isn't even new, the ancient people played variations of the game in Greece. Also, the Native Americans had their own variation. Modern American Football starting in the mid-19th century.

  20. I live in Germany and play and watch it. But yeah the European league of football is not quite on par with the the NFL. But they are expanding with international games in England and Germany, so does the NBA.

  21. that’s why we’re better. our games aren’t just “run fast, kick ball, don’t get hit”. they’re much more of a chess match. yes, athleticism is a huge part of our sports, but the strategic and tactical elements are just as important.

  22. World Football falls short now with all the diving and faking injuries to get the upper hand on their opponents. I’ve seen some terrible acting by players to get the refs attention for a foul.

  23. So, send the CFL champ to play the NFL champ. Send the highest tier of basketball (Euro league I assume) to play the NBA champ. All sports leagues aside from MLS attract the top athletes in all sports because of the amount of disposable income. When the NBA sends its top teams abroad for scrimmages it's typically against a national team. The best non nba players the country has to offer. Happens with NCAA basketball teams as well. So, yeah, send over the best teams from the lesser leagues and beat the Golden State warriors in a 7 game series and then you can say Euro basket is for the world championship. There's a reason Luka left Euro league to come to the NBA. Just saying...

  24. Define “mainstream”. If we’re talking America than yeah. If we’re talking the rest of the world then Rugby or Australian Rules would probably take the cake

  25. Maybe there will be a world championship one day. The NFL dipped a toe in Europe and the feedback in Munich was incredible. So we might see more of it in the future. On my personal opinion hopefully. I prefere it over soccer and visiting a patriots game vs the panthers in Boston was one of my most precious memory’s from my trip there. I mean more Sport more good am I right?

  26. I love going into the comment section on a post that makes fun of a countrie and laughing at how defensive people get over a meme lmao.

  27. lol I remember when people used to laugh at shit like this and the comments were just people making jokes and memes, now the comments are filled with butthurt people angry at op for making fun of something they like.

  28. I mean if you're talking about grid iron football...thats not even American bro that's a candian sport. On our 100th something grey cup and we hold in annually just as the NFL does. Proper title would be "steal sports from other countries and call it ours"

  29. Hello, guy who knows nothing about sports here. What’s the rule that makes rugby more interesting? I’m genuinely curious about it now

  30. I've met hurling guys who insist that's the best sport in the world and, having watched it, I can't say they're wrong.

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