we must remember those who died in this great tragedy

  1. Imagine the actual plane hijackers got the date wrong as well and Al Queada had this big invasion planned for 9th of November.

  2. Isn't everybody supposed to hate Americans for not liking other cultures? Sounds kinda hypocritical to be hating on us for using a different date system, just because something is different doesn't make it horrible

  3. I unironically thought that 9/11 happened on 9th November and was surprised to find only one post in my reddit feed, then I realised that Americans were the ones to record the date.

  4. Thanks to you I wrote my best friend gappy birthday (11.9 and I always remember that with 9/11) Now i have to get a new best friend and change my number

  5. I thought this was a well written time traveling is now possible post and hes tryna scare us that many people gonna die today

  6. Ironically today is the "Reichsprogromnacht" in Germany which reminds people to the night where most of the synagogues and Jewish owned shops were looted and destroyed in Nazi-Germany

  7. Fun fact the 9. Of November was is also the day the Reichskristallnacht happened in 1939 which was basically the start of the Holocaust

  8. What tragedy? In my country, November 10 is an extremely important date, the date that Ataturk died, but I don't know what happened in America...

  9. You see guys this is funny because in normal people date format it’s 9/11/2022 today. But Americans don’t like normal date, distance or weight formats, so for them 11/9/2022 is actually September 11th, rather than November 11th as it should be.

  10. Reichsprogromnacht To sum it up it was a horrible event where the shops of jews got looted and destroyed in nazi germany. 30000 people got taken to the concentration camps on that day.

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