They laugh at us

  1. Idk people who have this issue don’t need to be told by an awareness month, because they live it daily throughout the year. NNN, if you have a porn/sex addiction is more of a confirmation of being weaker than being able to stop their addiction and put it aside for a month.

  2. Lol imagine thinking that NNN actually helps people. It actually creates a bunch of angsty, uptight, aggro teenagers ready to lash out and do some stupid shit they’ll regret after they finally nut.

  3. The reason I am participating is because I might get laid soon so I just wanna take it as a challenge and fail it the best way possible

  4. Oh god just let people do whatever they want. If I want to destroy my dick masturbating for an entire fucking month I will, if I don't want to do it I will not. Just don't bother others for what they want/don't want to do.

  5. its probably all the really stupid made up "science" NNN people use to justify it they are making fun of, not the actual act of not jerking it.

  6. someone help I'm addicted to the Project Management Organization I can't stop asking people for updates on their deliverables

  7. No, no. I just laugh at the people that think resisting a natural urge, in this parasocial fluid retention bonding ritual (as I saw one person put it) is somehow making them better people. If you already do it within reason, why do you honestly think not doing it at all is bettering yourself? There was nothing to improve. Now, if you do it excessively, to the point where it's an addiction, NNN is a great way to improve on your life. You just have to take what you learned and apply it in every fucking month.

  8. Redditors who have nothing remotely interesting about their lives getting into other people's lives to criticize them for doing something good:

  9. I think its that the people who are participating are bragging about their participation, that makes it weird.

  10. You‘re the loser if you have to make fun of people because they participate in it and you don’t. Also goes the other way. Don’t make fun of someone because they don’t participate. Common sense right

  11. As a muslim, I already got am forced to "No nut" during ramadan and I ain't gonna do that two months in the same year.

  12. NNN is dumb exactly because of people like you. This started off as satire by claiming not masturbating has health benefits and then came people who take everything seriously and now we’re here.

  13. You know you can furiously nut without porn, right? So by your own logic everyone should be allowed to nut just without porn playing. But you actually have no logic and nutting is prohibited in general

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