state of this sub

  1. lots of this is also mods removing content they personally dont like. if you go on the sub redditminusmods you see 99% of almost all top 100 popular daily posts are removed each day

  2. I fucking hate those “memes” so fucking much. NO ONE GIVES A FUCK HOW YOUR DAY WAS OR THAT YOU ASKED YOUR CRUSH OUT!

  3. For no reason? The reason is because all the people in here are a bunch basic bitches who upvote the same dog shit post, memes, and comments.

  4. it’s always either “I went for job and I got job give me internet points” or “I’m incredibly edgy and offensive, look at me make my 7th racist post!”

  5. They need to please advertisers who payed them for it. Marvel/star wars/scooby doo/little mermaid/she hulk, big memes, everyone start talking about this pls. Yeah Disney, we get it. There is a lot more, but i will get destroyed for "racism/intolerance" here. Reddit public soon, only proper content here :)

  6. The reddit hivemind will always veer towards shittiest take. It's taken over by reeeeeing Gen Zers with no eye for humor, art, or, well pretty much anything.

  7. Reddit meme sub’s are permanently 4 years behind in about a month they will discover a funny mobile game about astronaut’s

  8. Because people use bots. Cant remember the username but I saw this one meme on here with 80,000+ upvotes and it wasnt funny at all so I looked at his account and literally every single post he had was between 30,000-80,000+ upvotes.

  9. It’s only natural because most people only find things funny that they relate to in someway. to get the most net of votes you need to find something that the majority of people will find funny subsequently those things become repeated and generic.

  10. Bruh, I swear that I when I joined this sub, the memes were actually dank. I feel like I'm getting gaslit or that I accidentally switched to popular.

  11. You wanna make a quick 10k and up post? Just make it political, criticizing another country is usually a sure fire way, if someone doesn't agree with the general consensus just downvote them to oblivion. People are only recently hopping off the Elon bandwagon

  12. 30,000 upvotes and 50 awards are nothing to me. I got 100,000+ upvotes 5 times and received 1,000+ awards from one post. Heh... sorry for flexing...

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