Don’t know about you guys, but I don’t care about their shoes

  1. I can see that tho one thing that really puts women off (at least me) is how men say shit like this and then turn around and admire/jerk it to airbrushed pictures/videos of women and polished to the heavens animated female characters. Like, what is it that you want? Your fantasy or reality?

  2. True one girl in my school has so much makeup on every day that its enough for a salon and everyone finds her attractive and im just like she just a good 6

  3. Maybe I'm weird but I look at style and how it fits together. Don't particularly look at shoes, but I general it gives me a hint, if they got their shit together and know how to dress. Doesn't have to be my style, but should be atleast cohesive.

  4. Two of my tech colleagues are obsessed with shoes. When another from Spain came to visit the very first thing they noticed when seeing another colleague for the very first time were his special edition Jordan’s.

  5. can confirm. my lady friends only get expensive shoes bc they like how it looks, and it might match 2 of their outfits, they dont really do it for attention

  6. Considering the biggest market for sneakers are male young adults that’s pretty ironic…. My boyfriend always notices peoples shoes and a lot of my male friends do too, way more than I ever would

  7. I've always heard the first thing people notice is your shoes, but not a single person ever said anything about my shoes, no matter how crazy they get. This week, I'm walking around with my feet straight up a couple of gopher's asses.

  8. I wished any of the shit I did got any feedback at all, positive or negative. Everyone told me I needed a new style/wardrobe to be attractive. Completely found a new style, new clothes, no one ever comments on it. Almost like fuck, no one gives a fuck.

  9. I appreciate the effort they put in especially when they stop when you go to their house bc it means their comfortable around you

  10. Maybe, just maybe, they dont give a f about what the guys think about them. They just want to feel as good as possible for themselves?

  11. No not possible, everything wahmen do is to cater to the males around them so that one may find them worthy. Imagine a woman actually liking to dress nice or do make up, like as a hobby

  12. Idk I used to work retail and girls were never as obsessed with the shoes as guys were, literally teenage boys practically moaning over a pair of neon sneakers

  13. Well, we dress up usually just because... We want to dress up. Really not looking for male attention. As a female I get most compliments on my outfits from other females and that also makes me happy because that means a fellow sister shares the same aesthetics as I do.

  14. That legit happened with me: while me and two friends were at this mall, a girl walked by and all three of us saw her. After she left my two friends talked about how big her ass was…..I never noticed, all I saw was that she had the most orange hair I’d ever seen. I love red hair on women, I personally find it very attractive, so it was funny that it was literally the only thing I noticed about her.

  15. Man honestly my friends will point out people's ass as boobs when we pass someone, butchered I am admiring hair, eyes, and tattoos

  16. I think even if it’s subconscious, men and women work out and dress nicely and that kind of thing more to impress other men and women than the opposite gender.

  17. Yeah, for the ladies in the comments, we don't really notice your nails shoes or handbag. We don't care about that kind of thing.

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