Seriously, what is wrong with those people?

  1. What specific culture are we referencing here? I’m imagining a 15 year old Russian gopnik in a fake Adidas tracksuit with a cheap bottle of vodka. These are the kind of people who comment on pornos

  2. I don't know what type of porn you watch but usually the comments in the porn I watch are hilarious and usually people asking for advice on minecraft, school projects and stuff

  3. People who comment on porn vids are always either the best comedian on earth or the world's horniest and kinkiest person. No in-between.

  4. Let alone getting in arguments and shit. Like there's reddit threads then there's porn site threads and that's the scum of the human race

  5. There’s always one hero at the bottom who comments “name?” And then another hero who pulls through with the info.

  6. I dunno man, the funniest shit I've seen people say have been pornhub comments. The one I remember the most was on a video where the dude wouldn't shut the fuck up saying dumb shit and someone commented "This guy talks to much. Like, calm the fuck down there, Shaggy. I get the new monster of the day's giving you head, but use 2% of your power to shut the fuck up." And directly above that comment was "Remember. Porn is temporary, but speed is permanent." It's safe to say I didn't nut that night. I have so many screenshots of the best shit from pornhub comments I've read when scrolling down.

  7. The sheer absurdity of the human condition is a constant source of humor, especially during mating acts.

  8. I’ve been saying this for years. The people who comment memes or something funny is fine, but the actual weirdos that leave comments on videos are the sickest fucking people on the planet. I can only imagine it’s some fat neckbeard typing those

  9. Nice tits love! Loved the way that geezer absolutely annihilated your pussy. Here's my home address, let me have a go

  10. I don't comment on porn because when I see the title like "perfect pair of boobs", I have the urge to nitpick and comment "Are they though?"

  11. There was this one video with one dude and 3 girls, 2 were white and one was black. And after the guy fucked the white girls they said "thank you master". So I brought into question the consistency and lack of equal treatment for all races.

  12. Wait, whats wrong with commenting on porn? Like... Thats one of the reasons to make porn, wanting people's feedback...

  13. I have seen some of the wisest minds humanity can conjure in those comments. The brightest light can only be seen in the darkest night as Master Oogway says.

  14. Often there will be comments asking for the performer's name(s). That can then help others find more material of said performers. Those people are heros.

  15. My comments on porn is battery percentage better spent than my comment here. Yet here I am jerking into a metaphorical t-shirt of dankness.

  16. This thread has made me see the light. I will have to start commenting "I'M SO GLAD I CAN COME HERE AND SEE MY SISTER AGAIN. I REALLY MISS HER SINCE SHE DIED!"

  17. I was doing some investigative journalism for Harvard Business Review, and found that the comments on hentai are actually pretty wholesome. Like they denounce underage, incest, rape, and other messed up stuff.

  18. I kind of want to make a joke account that'll just comment on NSFW posts with reasonable or legitimate responses.

  19. i learnt how to make choc chip cookies from some comment on a pornhub video definitely not all psychos cuz that shit was better than sex

  20. The only comments on a porn video should be the name of the actress or the scene name/production. Otherwise, nobody gives a shit. Please shut the fuck up about how you came, or how horny you are (girls/guys), or how you want this done to you (grifter girls).

  21. You kidding? Pornhub's comment sections are a hell of a lot better than YouTube's. Besides, that girl did look for stage direction at 3:23. She was bored as hell.

  22. My brother-in-law tells me there’s a whole bunch of people who watch porn videos and then post comments on the decor of the room.

  23. Ohh if she was here I'd worship her unlike the guy in the video. I'd have my cock down her throat and be felling on her titties ohhh yeah and because I'm a generous lover I'd be rubbing her clit, too ohhhhhhhhhh

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