Wait, what type of class is this?

  1. That me in secondary school, was to lazy to do a "attitude" test and click random answers because it was too easy and boring. Only later I found out that it was an IQ test.

  2. Fun story: when I was in high school I was taking a test in one of my history classes and I finished it super fast. I figured I was maybe just the first one to finish it but decided to wait until a few people turned in their tests before I did, after about 40 minutes no one had turned in their tests. I started to panic a little bit thinking I finished way too fast and must’ve done it wrong so I went over my answers and they all seemed right, there also wasn’t even enough questions to warrant it taking that long for the other students. After everyone was done I asked my teacher about it and it turns out he thought I was mentally disabled and gave me the easy Version of the test. I never corrected him.

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