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  1. Height, breast size, penis size, labia size, IQ, occupation, socioeconomic standing, etc. Basically things you have no control over.

  2. I worked with a guy of smaller stature, and the amount of lazy jokes and shit he got was unreal. Really pissed me off.

  3. When women on Tinder ask me how tall I am, I tell them that I'm "a bit over 5'9". I'm actually 6'1", but I'm not going to fuck with someone who thinks it's okay to dismiss a dude just because his height doesn't start with a 6.

  4. Same goes for sayings like “small dick energy” or even “big dick energy” implying that having a small penis makes a man behave in an insecure way or that having a big penis mashed a man confident.

  5. I'm a relatively short man myself at 5'5". The amount of non-chalant height jokes I've gotten over the years is staggering and they really do hurt. I've no doubt this has contributed to the development of my social anxiety. It's something I can literally do nothing to change. If I was overweight, I could eat better and go to the gym. Why is 'height-shaming' not talked about more? It makes me sad that society has seemingly deemed men under 6' to not even be considered men.

  6. literally in general, if you do a negative comment on someone's body's shape, any parts of it, that is body shaming. (edited, fixed a mistake that i wrote, forgor to type in "negative")

  7. Unless it’s weight because that is something that you can influence, as long as it is reasonable and not just outward bullying

  8. I think the wording was jokes punching up vs jokes punching down, punching down being the insulting jokes.

  9. People then: calling a man a virgin is a standard insult because men are valued based on promiscuity

  10. God that makes me so mad. I don't mind hitting below the belt if it's an evil person. But that insult sucks, hurts everyone, and if the guy happens to have a big dick, you're just helping his ego.

  11. Yup. I always thought I was small until I read the statistics and I was like surprised Pikachu when I saw my place in the relative bell curve. Them fuckers lied to me!

  12. A guy i hooked up with in college was very hung and laughed directly to my face when he saw that i wasn’t also hung. Til that day I’ve had so much anxiety being intimate with anyone and am always doing everything i can to try and make sure the guys i hook up with don’t interact with my dick (despite it being average on the bell curve). Shit fucks with your head, especially in college when you are just learning stuff

  13. Bald jokes drive me crazy because there's like 3 of them and I've heard them each hundreds if not thousands of time since i started balding as a teenager.

  14. It's a peculiar situation because if anyone replies with "this is body shaming" to an insult regarding their penis size, it is perceived as a confirmation.

  15. I always chime in with "Wait a second, I have a tiny dick and I don't behave like that, why does he get to use it as an excuse??"

  16. Well it's not that hard to understand. Is the object you make fun of a body part? Yes? Then it's body shaming.

  17. I don't know much about Dream, apparently he's not a very nice person, but the reaction to his face reveal is also bodyshaming. I've seen some horrific comments.

  18. Wait what? I don't really follow him but i've had his video pop up and watched it for curiosity; he looks completely normal.

  19. I wonder how many body positivity activists would come to defend me if I post my fat, hairy self half naked on instagram

  20. Redditors: But what if the hivemind circlejerk is that we all dont like that person? Its ok then, for sure.

  21. There's a difference between bullying someone because you're a dick and treating a dick with hostility.

  22. Talking about how someone has "big dick energy" is also body-shaming by implying that anyone who doesn't have an attitude of confidence has a small penis.

  23. It is the stigma about it. People are afraid if they are not enough. I have had girls claiming 17-18 cm are normal while on reality it is a lot smaller. Lots of guys who are average feels smaller and insecure

  24. Notice how uncomfortable and offended people get when you mention this. Look at the number of controversial comments. This is the one thing left you’re allowed to make fun of and most people are ok with, you can’t take away the one last thing that from these people. Also how will they feel superior without actually doing anything, outrageous.

  25. No, it’s only body shaming when done to a female! If a woman makes fun, it’s a joke, get over it!

  26. It’s funny how wild Reddit swings on this especially what kind of insults we saw on Trump posts for the past 6 years.

  27. So bizarre this has appeared. I saw a vice article about the worst sex women have ever had in which they platformed several people who stated it was solely because of a man's tiny dick. Soon after I saw a video on a popular companies YT about 'What gives you the Ick', in which several women said small penises.

  28. Yes! I often see body positivity for women and rarely for men. And even the "body positive" women often make fun of men for their dicks, height, balding etc. And they claim that "small dick energy" isnt body shaming

  29. fucking sign memes, they are always the same thing but for some reason changing the template makes it different, like the spiderman presentation, lisa's presentation, Pewdiepie "thats a fact", and godammit I'm so tired of them

  30. Its wrong to shame anybody for anything they cant control or occurs naturally. Plus penis size tends to be a big insecurity for some and shaming some men makes others that are similar apply the same thoughts to themselves. Any body shaming at all is aweful

  31. Thing is though, it's fundamentally harder to change your height/penis size/etc. So in a sense, shaming that part of someone is worse than calling someone fat. Being fat (unless it's related to a condition) is something you can deal with, by giving effort to yourself. Having a small dick is something you're born with and to increase the size, you have to go either plastic or so some weird torturous shit to your love sword... It's just... What

  32. Nobody should be shamed for physical attributes they can't help, and no ody should be shamed for weight either, especially when you don't know where they are in life. You don't know if that large person has been working hard to lose weight or not, and you don't know their physical and mental health issues.

  33. I'm a grower. I've been made fun of because my dick was being shy and didn't want to play. I was max 1in. She gave me a 2nd chance and was surprised when I had a full erection. She didn't make fun of me again

  34. I mean we should just stop shaming people for stuff thex cant choose in general. Size, colour, preferences...whatever. Everyone should just mind their own damn business.

  35. We need a different term for it you can control weight but height and pp machinery is down to the will of the gods

  36. what’s worse is i’m a 6”1 and 130 pounds everyone is always like “you’re so skinny you need to eat more” no fucking shit asshole it’s not like i can’t feel my sides sink in when i lay down one side

  37. I'll always find it a little amusing that ancient Greeks and Romans considered small penis size as ideal and beautiful. To say to someone that they're hung like an elephant or their willy reminds them of an anaconda, or that their penis cast a giant shadow over their face when they unzipped his pants would be body shaming (for being too big instead of for being too small.)

  38. There also needs to be more education on what sizes actually look like and what an average dick actually is. Like a dude with a 6'er could be made fun of for having a small dick by someone stupid enough, despite being well above average.

  39. The truth is guys are more insecure about their penis cos of porn than women are about it. Yeah you get some size queen but for the majority yours is fine

  40. Actually, I am proud of everyone one out there with a small penis. Those people are the ones, that make the average size lower, so others can call themselves above average.

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