Woah it’s my mom’s gynecologist

  1. you know the Rock, the other 2 are Jason Statham (Expendables movies/last 4 FastNFurious movies) and Bruce Willis (Die Hard movies). + the man, myth, and legend Johnny Sins

  2. idk how to say this but Walter White is a fictional character, hes not real... and Bryan Cranston is definitely not bald

  3. Johnny sins got a tiktok and the reason he is called that is because one of his friends was called that and thought it was a dope name

  4. this is like the college dropout thing. Bill Gates was a college dropout, but that doesn't mean that inbred johnny can drop out of college and be one of the richest people on earth.

  5. The rock and statham had a clause in there film contract that they couldn’t get hit to many times or more times than the other ….. they’re not alphas….. they’re insecure boys

  6. Idk guys Andrew Tate might be on to something with bald people being Alphas, also don't know why my chiropractor is there on the bottom right...

  7. Ah yes - Jason Statham - about that.... yes - this is him oiled and dancing in a Shamen video, because we all had to start somewhere:

  8. I've never seen any of his movies but I know he's a famous actor/doctor. Think he has had other professions in his past as well, which is quite amazing.

  9. Nah. Bald guys just act that way because most of them have extremely low self esteem. Biggest assholes I've ever known were bald.

  10. can we please once and for all admit that the concept of alpha and beta males were disproven by the very scientist that popularised the idea in the first place but his efforts to announce that the theory was false were futile as the public and the media were already too fond of the idea and preferred to call the overconfident and often douchebag like men “alpha”

  11. They're the players that didn't waste a lot of time customizing their character and instead changed some minor features of the default avatar

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