Everyone needs to calm the fuck down this isn't that big of a deal

  1. I don't know what this whole debate is all about. Dreams are fantastic. Except for nightmares obviously, but i rarely get those.

  2. Is it weird that I enjoy my nightmares? It's like having your own personal horror movie, then you wake up and you're like "woah"

  3. Since I was a child I’ve had a recurring dream of being hunted by either a pack of Velociraptors and/or a T-Rex, I think because of Jurassic Park. I wouldn’t call it a nightmare but it’s certainly like a ‘thriller dream’. So that’s probably the coolest dream I have that I remember.

  4. I even love my nightmares.. well, most of them. The epic horror stories I get to write in my dream journal and enjoy years later are worth it.

  5. I know. You close your eyes and get transported to a trippy dimension where anything can happen. Who the fuck hates dreams? I love my comatose hallucinations.

  6. He is one of the biggest youtubers with a lot of haters and a lot of young people in the audience. Just natural they clash.

  7. Hell yeah. This I was legit hype af for. Was just scrolling through my home page and to my suprise he uploaded. Two years afk and didn't even miss a beat.

  8. I have notifications turned on for him but I still didn’t get the notification. Luckily it was on my recommended otherwise I would’ve missed it

  9. Big minecraft YouTuber. He has 30 million subscribers and has never shown his face up until yesterday and people are making a really big deal about it.

  10. Its better if we don't know. Swaggersouls and Corpse Husband come to mind. If your brand is not showing your face, whatever you look like will end up being a disappointment to people.

  11. He’s a really big minecraft YouTuber. He has 30 million subscribers and up until yesterday he had never shown his face. His fanbase is know for being very obsessive and over the top, and he has also gotten a lot of hate. If I’m being honest, his haters are just as bad as the fans. Everyone has been making a huge deal about his face reveal and everyone is either freaking out to an unreasonable degree or making fun of him and acting like he’s the ugliest person alive.

  12. I enjoy his videos, never been obsessed with him, or why his fanbase is the way it is. I know he cheated in a Minecraft speedrun and he got what he deserved.

  13. People who're debating about Dream's face reveal probably had too much time on their hands. Though maybe I just couldn't care less since I don't watch any of his content (only knowing the existence of them).

  14. I don't hate dream, i hate his batshit fans who decided "dreamsexual" and "dreamgender" are things, because those are both absolute bullshit.

  15. He’s a Minecraft YouTuber with 30 million subscribers just showed his face on camera for the first time and everyone is making a really big deal about it. His fanbase is super obsessive and over the top. He has a lot of haters who are also obsessive and over the top

  16. I don’t think anyone actually cares apart from a very small percentage of the human population, which shouldn’t be allowed to procreate.

  17. I haven't thought about dream since it was proved he was a cheater and a liar. Not obsessed but that's just facts.

  18. I haven't seen it yet and I thought it's another casting drama I don't want to waste my time on. Apparently I was right, just not about the Sandman part.

  19. Dream is a minecraft YouTuber. The word stan was created as slang for “stalker fan”. YouTubers like Dream and his friends have a really big fanbase with a lot of really intense fans called stans who are known for being very obsessive

  20. Damn another dream face reveal meme? Fucken hate these. The people who make these must be a slave to their karma #. Thankfully for me, I actually don’t give a shit and don’t make wojack/Chad memes in order to seem cool and edgy

  21. I'm actually exhausted from seeing his face everywhere, and people losing their shit over it. The fact that this one gamer had such a capacity to spark legions of memes and discussions over his face legit saddens me.

  22. Ngl when I saw the post about dreams face reveal it took me a longer time than I will admit to figure out that it was not about dream of the endless, and I was rather confused

  23. dream isn’t ugly or hot, y’all can stop fooling yourselves. he’s just a mediocre guy. i wanted to be able to insult or compliment him on something specific but he’s just… mid

  24. I thought people were talking about the people you don't recognize in your dreams at first. Like something weird like that

  25. I didn't even know about this guy until a few days ago. And now that I do know, I still don't care at all.

  26. I don’t know why everyone’s freaking out about The Dream, he hasn’t been on a major track in like 10 years since he worked with Drake…

  27. Whenever I saw a meme of this the last days I could only think about the „I don’t even know who you are“ meme and I did not care enough to google it.

  28. I’m not a dream stan, but I do watch his content, and I don’t get all the hate he’s getting for revealing his face, I’m kinda surprised he even did it in the first place

  29. I still don’t understand what happened one day it’s a guy making Minecraft videos and suddenly is either you hate him are writing smp fanfics, like what did he do?

  30. Lots of people were mad because he cheated in a speedrun and denied it for months before eventually admitting it

  31. MF is literally the most average looking dude and dumbasses out here trying hard to prove he is most handsome/ugly dude.

  32. Literally me because I didn't even know Dream did a face reveal and when I heard about it I genuinely thought it was a meme or something. Then I saw it, skipped through becuase he took way to long, and felt nothing. Like, cool. This is the guy who thinks taking medication for depression and anxiety is normal and uncool. But I care so little about him I can't be bothered to hate him. I got other things to do, like watch other people hate him for me and then laugh at Dream, Dream Stans and Dream Haters. Free comedy baby

  33. I was hanging out with the homies when the face reveal happened, every single one of them immediately said they thought dream would look like me.

  34. the only thing i give a shit about is that fucking jawline, mans could do a convincing troll face

  35. I was more curious to why his head was facing to the right of the camera the who time. Looked like he slept in a shitty position and couldn't move his neck.

  36. isnt that the lame cheater from minecraft speedruns who denied that he cheated for months and then made a confession video

  37. I don't get the hate. He cheated and lied about it once, sure, that's annoying, but that's the only thing that got out of hand. Then there's those who hate him based off his fans, like he can control that. I'm a fan of some of his content, not all, but some, and he's generally pretty ok.

  38. I guess Dream fanbase is an army of 12 years old boys so their humor is very memeable. I don't care about his face, I don't even like this youtubers because he is a cheater - Speedruns and Manhunts

  39. This shit is 'the internet' at its* worst - dude is not super handsome, but he feels shy and goofy, and it shows. I have never in my life, seen every online chode, pile on like this. To exaggerate the midness of a person's face.

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