I posses the secret scrotum knowledge

  1. As another commetor pointed out, it comes from your original vagina being fused together. I'm not sure of the specifics of it, but everyone had a vagina b4 they were born and were female. But some of them get fused together to make the penis and testes.

  2. So touching balls is only the male version of tribadism? What a relief, I thought I was gay for a minute there!

  3. It's time to tell you son. You were a woman once. Me and your mom saw you liked boy toys nd the color blue so we helped you out..

  4. Male babies start out anotomically female. The scrotum starts out as labia, which then fuse together. The line is where there two labia fused. The ovaries turn into testicles, and the clitoris turns into a penis.

  5. All fetus start out as female. So female sex organs start to develop (labia, ovaries, nipples, etc), but then during development if it becomes male, the labia fuse to make the scrotum and the gonads descend and become testicles.

  6. What the hell is up with the sudden interest in the ball stitch? I've seen like 10 posts about it

  7. I know this is a joke, but I'm glad we are talking about it. When I was young I thought it ment I was born with a vagine and they stitched it close and gave me a peen. I thought I was alone in this stitch.

  8. As reported by Healthline, the raphe “joins the internal septum with the scrotum,” while the septum “splits the scrotal sac in two parts with similar anatomy.” Basically, that seam separates each of your testicles internally, while externally, it exists as a result of fetal development

  9. Well mine is there because I had a testicular torsion and had emergency surgery at 4 am when I was in high school

  10. jokes on you, i have 3 stitch lines on my ballsack. shoutout my doctor for saving my boys when they tried to hang themselves. testicular torsion is no joke

  11. From my hydrocele surgery after my right nut got smashed between my thigh and a linebackers helmet and grew to the size of an orange.

  12. Cause it's what would have developed into labia if you were a girl, but instead it seals and holds your balls. What is outward folds inward and seals up, causing that line.

  13. I once called my mom at the ripe age of 28, 31 now, to ask her what the hell happened down there because I had JUST discovered it

  14. This reminds me that i havent actually make some time to check my balls properly for many months... i think since last year

  15. Bro unrelated but I knew a kid that slid down a railing and hit a stick at the end and he completely ruptured his sack straight down the stitch line. Now it’s a stitch line forreal

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